You’ve Moved House. Now What?

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If you have recently waved goodbye to the removals firm, you have cardboard boxes adorning every iota of floor space and you are more tired than you thought possible, you might be eager to hit the sack. However, that first evening spent in your new pad is significant. This is the start of a new chapter in your life. Here, you and your brood will begin to make a bank of brand new memories. But, how can you facilitate this smoothly? Now that you’ve moved house, what are you going to do now?


Even though your new humble abode may look relatively clean, nearly everyone wants to give their new environment their own scrub down. The thought of having a long hot soak in a tub that you haven’t cleaned can give many the heebie-jeebies. After a good night’s sleep, you need to get up early, roll up your sleeves, get some industrial strength cleaning products and enjoy giving your new home a spring clean no matter the season. Cleaning can be therapeutic and give you chance to clear your mind, relieve your anxieties, and really get to know your new pad.

For some, the thought of doing their own cleaning after spending some stressful weeks worrying about the move doesn’t bear thinking about. If this is the case, get the professionals in. You could hire a cleaning firm that will create a fully hygienic and clean pad for you to enjoy with your family.

Go Exploring

If you are very new to the area, you might want to head out and explore. Rather than get in the car and drive, use your feet. Walking around the neighborhood can give you a real feel for the area. Work out where your nearest green space is, enjoy a stroll to the park and consider finding the local shop, pub, grocer, butcher and school. This can help you to get your bearings and make you feel more comfortable more quickly. If you have neighbors, introduce yourself. Don’t get nervous and put it off otherwise you will never make contact. Some people choose to make cupcakes for their neighbors or simply pop by to introduce themselves. Learning the names of your neighbors allows you to put a face to a name and means that you can say hello when you see them in the garden or on your way to the car in the morning as you head out to work.


Sorting out those cardboard boxes probably fills you with dread. However, the longer you leave it, the more stressed you can become. Hopefully, you have labeled each box so you can place it directly in the room it belongs. Go room by room and unpack. Build the beds in the first instance to ensure everyone has a place to sleep. Opt for the most important rooms first such as the bathroom and the kitchen. As long as you can wash and cook, this is the most crucial thing. Ask your older offspring to unpack their own rooms and give them a reward for doing so. This eases the burden on you. Anything that needs storing away can go into the attic space or the garage straight away. 

Follow this guide and you can hit the ground running on the first day in your new home.

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