Yes, Guys Struggle With Confidence, Too

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You always hear about confidence issues, but this usually refers to the fairer sex. They’ve spent their lives bombarded with images of what someone should look like, even though this is far from what the average Jane wants to look like. But, as much as women can struggle with confidence issues, men can, too, and there is not as much of a focus on this as there could be. 

In Their Career 

The likes of LinkedIn and the quasi-toxic approach to The Grind can make anyone feel like a failure, which can cause severe problems for a guys’ self-esteem and make them feel like they’ve not achieved what they could in their career. Even if you are not necessarily ambitious in your career, you can still feel a sting from seeing friends and even strangers succeeding in life. But, not everyone can get a promotion. Not everyone can lead a company, and not everyone wants to, either. If you feel like you haven’t made it the way you wanted, ask yourself if you even want that, or if you feel that way because you’ve been told to. It could change your opinion entirely. 

In Their Appearance 

Whether it’s not having abs, balding, or not being happy with their smile, guys can experience body confidence issues. Most of the time, they are told to suck it up and suck it in and get on with it. You don’t want to cause any problems, so you do get on with it. But if there is anything that you’d like to change about yourself, consider your options. A Cosmetic Dentist can fix your smile, straighten your teeth, and fill in any gaps, whereas a personal trainer (although expensive) can help you get into better shape for summer. 

In Their Physical Condition

It’s not just about looking in shape; you also feel you need to be in good shape, too. But, getting fit without becoming frustrated can be tricky, especially if you’ve been away from the field or gym for longer than you can recall. That said, it doesn’t take a lot to help you get back into the habit as long as you’re serious about it. Starting small and finding your level for lifting weights or running a 5K might prove that you’re more capable than you give yourself credit for and thus can give you the boost you need. If you’re less able than you thought, it should at least drive you to try harder. 

In Their Relationships 

There is such a thing as being too clingy, but if you feel your partner is easy out of your league, it’s understandable to feel some insecurity. Likewise, you might feel your friends are not as close as you once were, which could to you as they once were, and this can make you feel lost. Of course, there’s little you can do about this, but being more open about how you feel is a good start. 

Finding Confidence 

Yes, guys struggle with confidence, too. They don’t talk about it often, though, so it’s important to recognize the signs that can help them realize how capable they are. This won’t help them find confidence overnight, but it will give them a nudge in the right direction to help them feel a little better every day. 

Phillip Neho

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