Winning the War Against Your Energy Levels: Stopping Tiredness in Its Tracks

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We all know that our well-being makes us who we are. But as a parent, we can find that any sense of well-being gets shoved to one side so our children can benefit. This means that we end up making unhealthy choices, but, more than likely, we feel tired all the time. If you struggle to keep your eyes open, you may find that the reasons you are so tired are simple, but what can you do to fix these problems? 

Address Any Potential Health Problems

You need to take the opportunity to check in with your body to see if there are any signs of tension or discomfort. If you have hunched posture or tension, take time to correct these things. It’s also important to recognize if you are sleeping properly and of course, if you snore, this could be a sign of something like sleep apnoea. There are sleep apnoea treatment methods that can help you breathe easier and get the good quality sleep you need. 

Are You Breathing Correctly?

Breathing is something that we take for granted, but it is an important part of our energy. If you have a poor breathing technique, with bad posture, taking a few simple breaths can energize you in the short term. Learning to breathe deeply from your diaphragm will keep more oxygen flowing around your body. 

Stop Sitting Down as Much

If you work in a job where you sit down a lot, it affects how you breathe and can slow your heart rate too much. Taking the opportunity to get up from your desk every hour for 120 seconds of walking can offset some risks. If you feel tired, that little energy boost can make a big difference. And if you take the opportunity every hour to do a tiny bit of exercise, this will establish a cumulative effect which might mean you sleep better at night. 

Eat Proper Food

Look at the food you eat, because if you are eating foods low in iron and magnesium, this could account for your slump in energy. You should also remember the importance of breakfast. Breakfast is an important part of your metabolism because it kickstarts it. 

Have a Short Nap

It’s not going to replace a good night’s sleep, but it will make you feel better in the short term. A short nap can boost your concentration and alertness. But if you feel like you need long naps every day, you should speak to the doctor. According to the National Sleep Foundation, you can benefit from a 40-minute nap, which is not feasible for most of us, but you can always help yourself by taking the opportunity to “power down.” Even if you don’t go to sleep, taking 5 or 10 minutes to go into yourself can rejuvenate you. 

If you cannot keep your eyes open, you must remember there is more to feeling awake than just having one good night’s sleep. Everything you do plays a vital role in your energy levels. If you feel tired all the time, but you still sleep okay, you’ve got to look at everything in the round.

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