Win Your Customer’s Hearts: Go Green

There are a lot of ways you can bring a customer on board at your company: delivering great customer service, offering a unique product or service, being the best value business around, and so on. But there’s one big factor that’s somewhat underrated by businesses, and which is growing in importance: having a social conscious. One study found that consumers were significantly more likely to give their money to a company if that company had a social awareness; in other words, that they weren’t only focused on money. One of the easiest ways for a company to show this is by making the switch to green, eco-friendly practices (which, actually, can save you money). Below, we take a look at how you make the switch to a green office.


Replace Your Office Supplies

You can’t eliminate everything that makes your office tick. You’re going to need pens, bindings, paperclips, and printing supplies so on (even if you’re switching to a paperless office, as we outline below). But you can change the types of office supplies you have in your workspace. For most everything that you’d need, there is an environmentally friendly alternative, something that is recycled, can be refilled (as in the case of pens), or that can be eliminated entirely (in the case of rubber bands).

Ditch the Paper

You’re going to have some paper in your office, but overall? It’s simply not necessary in this modern, digital age. Making the switch to an office without paper isn’t all that difficult, either. Take your existing documents, scan them into your computer, and then upload them to cloud storage, like that offered at Once it’s done, you can recycle the now unnecessary pieces of paper, and commit to keeping all your internal documents purely digital.

Outside Spaces

A green company isn’t just one that makes small changes, such as switching off the lights and computers when they’re not in use (though you should be doing this too). They make environmental concern a core part of their company charter! As such, take a look at your office space, and in particular, your outdoor area, if you have one. This could be the perfect place to have a bike rack, which would encourage your workers to cycle to work (if you’re feeling extra motivated, maybe supply bikes, too!), or even a veg patch. This is good for your workers, looks good, and benefits the earth.

Review Your Suppliers and Partners

Your company doesn’t do absolutely everything itself. It relies on other companies, such as suppliers and partners, to make it a success. Do the other companies you work with hold values that mirror your own? Even if they do, they might not be the best option. If you’re getting supplies, then it’s much better for the earth (and many other things) if you use local companies. You’ll be keeping your carbon footprint to a minimum, and giving your local business community – that includes you! – a boost, too.


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