Wimp 2 Warrior

A few years ago, a came across a page on Facebook called Wimp 2 Warrior.

Now, I’m not professing to be a wimp, nor am I claiming to be a warrior, and to this day, I do not know what made me click that link to have a look at that page, but when I did, my life was changed.

Richie Cranny, an MMA coach had an idea to take a bunch of ordinary, normal people and submit them to what has now been described as the ultimate human experiment.  Subjected to 22 weeks of intense, structured MMA training, these ordinary people would learn how to throw punches (while taking them), learn how to defend chokes and other holds (while also learning to defend them), the simple/complicated (depending on how you look at it) art of takedowns while being physically conditioned in line with a standard MMA fight preparation camp…..before getting into the ring/cage/octagon to have at it with one of your fellow participants.  Effectively transforming from a Wimp (you get where I am going here) 2 Warrior.

Wimp 2 Warrior – Sydney only…

For the next few years, I would watch as Wimp 2 Warrior slowly spread it’s awesomeness to various locations around the globe – Melbourne, UK and Ireland  (being coached by none other than Conor McGregor’s coach, John Kavanagh) with special guest coaches including the likes of Royce Gracie & Mark Hunt (someone I have loved watching since his K1 slugfest with Ray Sefo).  I emailed a few times asking when it was coming to Brisbane.

Finally….Wimp 2 Warrior….has come….to Brisbane

The announcement I was waiting for popped up on my Facebook feed a few months ago, expressions of interest for a Brisbane season of Wimp 2 Warrior. Before you could say “…but Phillip, what if you get knocked out…” my application was completed and submitted and an anxious wait was rewarded when I was given the opportunity to tryout with a bunch of other wimp hopefuls at Gamebred Academy in Eagle Farm.

Damn you wall walks

Tryouts saw the Wimps (myself included) split into 2 groups to test our coachability and fitness levels.  Starting off with hip escapes, working through box jumps, basic grappling, pushups, sprawls, burpees and the dreaded wall walks – think “drunk wobbling to slide yourself up a wall, followed by falling back down the wall….repeat until blackness creeps into the edge of your vision”.  Finish with some awesome words, while we are all still bordering on conscious (due to crazy Brisbane heat and massive exertion), from Richie, Jason Lonegan and Ryan Dunstan before hearing why everyone is in this journey.

One of my fellow wimps is doing it to show her teenage boys that she can, another is doing it to “break the cycle”, another is doing it because a year ago he was in a coma and almost didn’t make it (living life too it’s fullest”, while another is showing that you can still be a warrior while living on a plant based diet.

My reasons are simple. Firstly, Project Phil.  Project Phil is about improving my health, my well-being, my weight (and body composition) to ensure that I am able to continue to be in my children’s lives.  Secondly, I feel a role model is important to have in a child’s life and I want to be a positive role model in the lives of my children – to work hard when you need to, that fitness and health can be fun, that it is good to step outside your comfort zone, that you can accomplish anything if you put your mind to it and that it is great to have the support network of friends, family and other wimps beside you.  Thirdly, Depression and Anxiety – I’m still learning to live my life with it and have found that exercise is fantastic (something about endorphins I suppose), but it also gives me something to focus on that is positive (with loads of support from friends, family, work colleagues and fellow wimps).

Either way – win or lose…I’m glad I was selected and looking forward to learning new skills, learning more about myself, building new strength and gaining both new respect and new friends.


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