Wimp 2 Warrior – the continuation

Exhaustion….that is all I can think of.  I completed a hero WOD (workout of the day that is dedicated to a fallen soldier) and lying there thinking to myself “what have you done to yourself, you have BJJ shortly, you have to go and shower before you start, get changed and prepare yourself to be twisted like a Maori pretzel into shapes that you were never ever expecting yourself to be twisted into…should we just go home?”


Support for me has come in many shapes and sizes. I see the flexibility of my job, allowing me to start and finish early or work from home as being a type of support. I see my wife, constantly telling me that I am doing so well and that I am making her proud, telling me to not stay lying down when my alarm goes off in the morning and smiling at me before giving me a hug when I get home as a type of support. I see my workmates, constantly asking about how Wimp 2 Warrior is going and that they genuinely care about how it is going as a type of support. I see my fellow Wimps (soon to be Warriors) turning up with smiles, high-fives, fist-bumps, friendly waves and constantly constructive assistance and positive energy, praise and encouragement as a type of support.  And…because of this, I continue.  I push myself longer and further than I have in a long time.

Struggletown – Population: Me

Wimp 2 Warrior is tough.  I’m not going to mince words, it is freaking tough.  There are movements that MMA fighters (even just Boxers, BJJ practitioners and wrestlers) do, that look so easy, but when you start banging them out (repetitiously), you find muscles you never had begin screaming at you….loudly. Stepping across the mat, throwing a 1-2 combo (straight jab followed by a cross) from one side….and back….and back….and back – has given me a massive appreciation for boxers that jab while wearing 20oz gloves for 3 minutes each round for 12 rounds – my shoulders were burning within the first minute and I began thinking of how I could ninja my way out of the training session (fake an injury, get a “call” from my wife, begin crying for no apparent reason), but then realise that everyone is in the same boat, you have to start somewhere and it will get easier with repetition.  So I push on.


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