Why Replace When You Can DIY?

Making upgrades to your home is expensive. It can cost a lot of money to buy new furniture, make changes to your garden or replace items that are looking a bit worn or dated.

But when your budget is tight, it’s time to get creative. Instead of giving up and giving in to buying new, there are many ways you can do it yourself and make something old look and feel fresh again. It will save you a lot of money, and it will create less waste for the environment too.

Why replace when you can DIY? Here are some ideas for how you can make some affordable home updates.

Image Credit: Unsplash under Creative Commons

Give patio furniture a fresh coat of paint

If your patio furniture is looking a bit dated, rusted or like it’s going to fall apart – there are ways to salvage it. Outdoor-friendly paint has really turned a corner in the last few years, making it easier to preserve your furniture for longer. 

Different furniture requires different treatment, but you can find all kinds of useful tips for painting your garden furniture. From sanding off the old paint to using the right primer and a can of spray paint, you can easily get your furniture looking new again.

Don’t forget to upscale your textiles too – it’s easy to upholster your own cushions and seat pads using some padding, fabric and a staple gun!

Who needs a new kitchen when you can refresh it?

A new kitchen can make a big difference to your home, but not everyone can afford to buy brand new. If your cupboards are still in usable condition, you could transform them using paint, vinyl and other techniques to make them look completely different. You can find kitchen cabinet makeovers online to help give you some inspiration.

Upgrading your kitchen cabinets doesn’t end with just painting them! In fact, you can buy affordable kitchen handles from places like Amazon to give your cabinets a quick transformation that can help you create a new color scheme or simply make things look fresh and new. 

Some simple upgrades could extend the shelf life of your kitchen, helping you enjoy it that little longer.

Bring your carpets back to life

Stained, dusty carpets can be unsightly in your home, but you might not have to rush out to buy a brand new one just yet. Carpet cleaners are amazing for bringing up all kinds of stains, as well as helping to regain some of your carpet’s original fluffy texture. Investing in a floor scrubber is a great way to maintain your carpets and floors and keep them looking new again.

Regular vacuuming can help save your carpet and keep it looking new for longer, but it’s using a carpet cleaner a few times a year that will really save it. Remember to keep some spot cleaner to hand as well to help tackle difficult stains quickly.

If you’ve got a big stain that won’t come out and you can’t bear to look at anymore, a rug can make a quick fix if you don’t want to invest in a new carpet just yet!

Build your own feature wall on a budget

A feature wall can really change a room, and wall panelling is one of this year’s biggest trends when it comes to DIY. Not only is it timeless and classic, but it is actually really simple to do using some wooden panels and some paint.

Wall panelling can help break up a room, give your hallway a fresh new look and add some character to an otherwise blank space. It’s low-cost and you’ll soon find it addictive – panelling every room of your home in time! But seriously, as an easy DIY project, it could make a big difference to your space.

Repurpose your old furniture

Your furniture doesn’t have to be replaced the second it shows signs of wear and tear. In fact, there are many creative ways you can repurpose old furniture. For example, you can paint it, reupholster it and even replace different parts if needed. Before giving up on your furniture, see if there’s a way you can repair it or make it better – the environment will thank you for not taking it to the dump!

Make the most of storage hacks

Finding storage can be difficult after you’ve been in your house for a while. And once kids come along, you can kiss goodbye to any extra space you had left!

But thanks to the internet, there are all kinds of cool and quirky storage ideas you can take advantage of to help you free up some space in your home. You can make the most of small spaces and use hooks, shelving and other items that will help keep your home organized and clutter-free.

Build your own furniture

Buying new furniture can be expensive, and whether you’re looking to buy garden furniture or a new dining table, you can get a shock when you see the price! But it is possible to make some amazing pieces using items you already have around your home, or those you can pick up affordably elsewhere. Timber isn’t as expensive to buy as you think, and if you get it pre-cut for what you need, you could easily put together some great pieces yourself. Why not take a look at some DIY garden pallet projects you can try with the kids this summer?

Some people love DIY, while others shudder at the thought. But with the right planning and tools, DIY doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Undertaking some fun, useful projects around your home will not only save you money on buying new, but it could help you learn some vital skills, while also teaching your children too. Make a list of things that need doing around your home and start putting plans in place to tackle them yourself!


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