Why A Family Road Trip Is Better Than A Holiday Abroad


If you haven’t nailed down your summer vacation plans yet, then we have some news for you.

A family road trip could be better than taking a holiday abroad.

Seriously, we mean it, because while there are educational benefits to taking your kids to other countries, there are plenty of reasons why you might tour your own country instead. With this in mind, and being sure to avoid these road trip mistakes, take a look at the following reasons why you might hit the roads instead of the skies this summer. 

It’s cheaper!

When you’re traveling abroad for the summer, you have to suffer the expense of flight fares, luggage fees, hotel prices, and more. It can really put a dent in your pocket, and that’s before you actually get to your chosen destination. A road trip, on the other hand, is considerably cheaper. Sure, you will have fuel to pay for. And you might need to visit a Sprinter dealer if your car doesn’t have the space you need, or even an RV dealer if you want something that doubles up as accommodation. But hey, even if you do need a new vehicle, at least you will have something fit for purpose for many more low-cost vacations to come.

There will be less stress

We aren’t saying there will be no stress. If the roads are busy, and your children insist on playing their favorite songs on repeat, you might feel your stress level rise along with the temperature in your vehicle. But at least you won’t have the stress that comes with delayed flights, lost luggage, the worry of losing your children in an unknown country, and the constant rushing from A to B when sightseeing or hurrying for your plane or tour bus. Instead, you will be able to enjoy the relative freedom of the open road at your leisure, knowing that your children are by your side, and that you are in control of the journey, even if your kids do hijack your car stereo system.

You can bond with your family

Okay, you can bond with your family on a vacation abroad, but considering the stresses that come with such a holiday, there might be more than a few arguments too. On a road trip, however, you can create some great bonding moments. While being trapped together in the car might not be everybody’s idea of fun, you can still use the time to create some wonderful memories. You will have more time to get to know your children, so be sure to think of some conversation starters. You can play silly car games and tell each other jokes and funny stories. You can rock along to your family’s favorite tunes. And you can stop whenever you see a wonderful piece of scenery and experience the joyous sight of nature together. Check out these other bonding tips for your family road trip.


So, if you’re still stuck for what to do this summer season, why not consider a family road trip? There are some undeniable benefits available to you, so if you would rather not run the risk of missing a flight, losing your luggage, and spending an absolute fortune, hit the open road with your family instead!


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