Where Do Entrepreneurs Get Their Business Experience?

Every day new entrepreneurs launch their businesses. For anybody who is stuck in the 9-to-5 routine of the office work life, starting your own business can seem like an appealing idea. However, taking your first steps as an entrepreneur can be incredibly stressful. Very few people feel truly ready for the challenge. Ultimately, even though the day-to-day office could be straining, it doesn’t require from you the same level of responsibility and acumen than you would need if you were to run your own company. Therefore, even though you might be toying with the idea of becoming an entrepreneur, you can worry that you don’t have sufficient experience to turn your business venture into a success. 

The truth is that nobody is born an entrepreneur. It’s something you become over time as your experience grows. But your knowledge of business or people stands already, and, ultimately, it is precisely what every new entrepreneur relies on. Where do they get their business know-how? Same place than everybody else; they take inspiration from their life and surroundings. 

Have I the experience to become an entrepreneur? 

They’ve got the wisdom of age

You’ve been working in the same company for many years. You’ve seen a couple of young graduates come in and quit to start their own businesses, and now you want to seize the opportunity to become your own boss too. One fear paralyses you, though: You’re much older than Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg or Larry Page when they started their own companies. Is entrepreneurship only for young people? As someone who’s been in the business for a little while, you’ve got a significant ace up your sleeve. You understand the market and the processes of the business. Additionally, you’ve got the advantage of maturity. As a working adult, you’re mentally clear about your goals and your focus, while young and inexperienced professionals might struggle at that point. 

They learn how to handle new projects 

You may not have the knowledge you need to start a business, but what’s stopping from improving your skills? Indeed, some key skill sets can make a huge difference when you ‘re in the process of building your business venture. Ultimately, a new business is a big and exciting project with no guidance or direction. Many new entrepreneurs find it helpful to brush up their knowledge with project-focused courses, such as taking Prince2 Certification, which is dedicated to supporting project managers. Understanding how to manage a project and move it forward despite challenge is a life-changing asset when you’re trying to build your first business. You’ll come across A LOT of problems. Knowing how to tackle challenges and review your timeline as you progress through the creation of your venture puts you in a better position to succeed. 

They’ve been customers themselves

Have you had a terrible customer experience that you thought could have been improved if this or that had happened? You’re not on your own. More often than not, dissatisfied customers make successful entrepreneurs because they understand exactly what is missing on the market. As an entrepreneur, when you have a clear idea of the needs you need to target, you’re more likely to hit the sweet spot for your audience group. Putting yourself in your customers’ shoes is, by far, the best way to build a business that works for everyone. 

They are passionate 

An entrepreneur spends a lot of time building a business. But you can save time by focusing your efforts on something you are truly knowledgeable about. Indeed, finding out what are the things you love gives you a clue about what your business should be about. Think about it this way: Building your business around your passion means that you’ve got tonnes of knowledge and experience about it. For instance, an enthusiastic diver is the best person to open a scuba-diving business that helps customers to pick the right equipment for their day out. On the other hand, a newcomer to the diving world would have to learn more about each product, type of divers, instructors, and so much more before being able to launch a business. 

They work closely with a mentor 

Last but not least, there’s no reason why you should work alone through the challenges of entrepreneurship. Indeed, finding a mentor can provide you with helpful support and coaching. Your mentor acts as a compass during your journey to business success, using their knowledge and experience to navigate you to safety and prosperity. Where do you find a mentor? It’s a lot easier than it seems, you can find many online communities that let you interact with knowledgeable entrepreneurs and business people. 

Do you have what it takes to become an entrepreneur? The truth is that you probably do. Whether you’ve got the experience of business processes or the passion about a niche, you have access to a certain level of expertise you can use. Nobody feels ready to start a business, but it’s a matter of self-confidence, not experience.


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