When It’s Time To Put Down The Tools and Call a Professional In

Picture by Eugen Str on Unsplash – CC0 Licence

With lockdown making its mark across the world one country at a time, the one thing most dads are resorting in their newfound time at home is DIY. 

However, before you get carried away with your tools, it’s essential to know what work you shouldn’t do at home. Mainly for your safety and others. And also, because you don’t want to cause a catastrophe in your home, that you’ll need to look at and live with for the duration of lockdown.

Major Electrical Work

Changing a lightbulb with a step ladder and a supportive partner nearby to catch you if you fall, is doable. 

However, major electrical jobs, like rewiring your home, shouldn’t even be considered. The risk of causing a fire, or electrocuting yourself is too much risk to justify giving it a go. Because of this, hiring an experienced electrician, who can get the job done safely is necessary. 

Building a Deck

Although it may not have the potential risky outcomes of trying to fix a roof or rewire a house, building a deck does require incredible precision and skill. 

From the measurements to the gaps left between the decking boards, to ensure its levels and safe to stand on. Building decking requires much more skill and experience than you might think.

Roof Repairs

If falling from a great height isn’t one of your worst nightmares, and you’re tempted to check out the roof and see if you can replace those missing tiles. You definitely shouldn’t. One, because it’s not remotely safe for you to do. And, two because you could cause more damage than good. 

Working on the roof is an art form, roof tiler veterans have mastered that right with years of experience. They know how to and where to step on the roof to prevent further damage. 

If something about the roof is bothering you, call in a professional roofer to take a look. In doing so, you’ll save any critical accidents from occurring. 

Structural Changes

The walls of your homes have at least three potential horrors waiting to happen if you even attempt to chip away at them. These are structural damage, a burst pipe, and destroyed electrical wiring. 

Please, don’t let your innocent idea of wanting to knock a wall through get the better of you. 

Instead, back away from the sledgehammer and consider this. Do you know if the wall is a load-bearing wall? If you don’t know what that is, call in a professional. If you do know what a loadbearing wall is but have no idea if the wall you’re thinking of charging through is a load-bearing wall, again call a professional. Lastly, even if you think you know that a wall isn’t a load-bearing wall because your neighbour Bill reckons it isn’t, still, call a professional builder in to take a look.

Some repairs and fittings in the home only require a few tools, a bit of courage, and a Youtube video, to help you get it right. Other house jobs demand so much more. Such as years of training and qualifications. 


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