What To Do When Things Just Won’t Go Your Way

As you go through life, certain events will occur that just don’t go your way. It could be small things, like a broken down appliance. Or it can be bigger issues, like the breakdown of your marriage. Whatever it is, here are some coping tips and strategies that you can use when everything seems to be going wrong in your life. 

Remind Yourself That Life Is About Challenge

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This pill can be a hard one to swallow because we imagine that the purpose of life is to live peacefully with things always going our way. But the nature of reality continually denies us this luxury. 

It’s a good idea, therefore, to meet reality head-on. Instead of assuming that things have to go your way in order to be happy, just accept that they won’t. That way, you can avoid continual disappointment when things eventually go wrong. 

Prepare For Things To Break

Nothing lasts forever, including your stuff. So it’s a good idea to prepare for things to break before they actually do so that you can respond effectively when things go wrong. 

Many people, for instance, get online appliance spare parts. This way, if the washing machine packs up, they have the pieces they need to repair it. Other people keep a stash of car parts of building materials in their sheds, just in case something breaks or goes wrong. 

Give Yourself A Break

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Sometimes life can feel like one big, long grind, trying to get to where you want to be. And, often, progress isn’t linear at all. Instead, it comes in fits and starts. 

Giving yourself a break, therefore, is a good way to allow yourself some space to process what’s happened. If things don’t go your way, it often benefits you to take time out of your regular schedule and take stock. Gaining a bigger perspective can help to make everything seem a little more bearable. 

View Difficulties As Opportunities

Another thing you can try is to view challenges as opportunities to grow. Think back on the times in your life when it was tough. More than likely, these experiences allowed you to grow as a person. Thus, viewing difficulties as opportunities can be a great way to see the positive in any situation, no matter how dire or annoying it may seem at the time. 

Focus On What Your Can Do

Many people who get stuck in a rut in life think about the things that they want, but they don’t take steps towards achieving them. As such, it is critical to think about what you can do when life starts to get you down. Often, just little things like going to the gym, eating better, or working Saturdays can be enough to lift you out of the rut and get back on track. 

Avoid Repeating Mistakes

If things aren’t going your way because you made a mistake, look for ways to prevent it from occurring again. Practice developing healthy coping mechanisms. Then deploy these when you need them most. 

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