What A Man’s Living Room Could Look Like


Fellas, dads, husbands, boyfriends, answer this question honestly. Did you style your living room or did she? More than likely, you didn’t really care when the interior design and decor was being chosen. But you should. Our home is our one true place on earth where we belong. It’s our little space that we can shape, style and size to our heart’s content. Did you know that interior design was once upon a time, the center of men’s style? It was a labor of love, done by men who designed castles, forts, palaces and manor houses for kings and queens. Some of the classic styles you see, were made during the time when men were in tune with their living spaces. 

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Tufted sofas

You’ve seen buttoned sofas before right? They look tight, curvy and awfully comfortable. One of the most recognisable buttoned sofas is the chaise. You can find this kind of style in this range of luxury sofas. The tufted style would go well in a darker earth toned room that has powerful browns, silver, grey and beige. Check out the tuxedo navy velvet tufted sofa if you want to explore this type of sofa. The tufted design provides more support for your back, and also corrects your posture a little. You’ll sit more upright yet your back won’t feel as if it needs to curl forward to support your shoulders. Not to mention, it’s also masculine. The bolder curves and the darker tone bring a real presence to your living room.

A wide coffee table

The coffee table is always an area of contention. Should it be stylish or should it be practical? Well, it’s not a drawer, so why should we focus on the latter? Coffee tables are there for a buffer between your seating and other decor. So really, they should draw attention to themselves. The type of style you should want is suave, classic and timeless. So a wooden, wide coffee table that stands low to the ground is a great option. Hand-carved if possible, it should have festoons which are ancient wreaths that were popular in ancient Greece. A Corinthian design might also be a good idea for its intricate yet masculine design. The color can be brown, but you can also have blue, black or grey. Just make sure the festoons stand out somehow, either by a special polish or painted design.

A wide art piece

Wide artworks are a great way to fill in an empty wall. It’s the mark of a cultured man to have a glorious painting hung in the living room where your guests arrive to converse. Something notable should be chosen, such as African wildlife, a city at night, birds flying in the rain, or perhaps Greek gods arguing. Something profound like this would be a great topic of discussion with people who come over for dinner. 

Pay more attention to how your interior is styled. Play more of a role in shaping the living spaces we occupy. Men need to take more pride in their style and express it through items like those mentioned above.

Phillip Neho

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