Ways To Look Like You Have Everything Under Control (Even Though You're Feeling Stressed)

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Sometimes we can really worry about what other people think of us, especially when we are doing our best to be the best dad possible. And while you know that your children look up to you to an extent and you provide the template for them in life, you know you need to be a headstrong person, but sometimes it can seem like you just don’t have anything under control. When we are struggling to keep everything afloat as parents, we can worry about what other people think about us, but we shouldn’t. And even if you are someone who is an incredibly anxious parent, think about the little things that make you look like you have everything under control despite you feeling stressed. What are these?

Looking The Part

If you are someone that worries about what other people think about you, part of the subtlety in making it look like you have everything under control is about dressing the part. If you look at yourself in the mirror and see that you are well-groomed and well-dressed this provides you with a base level of confidence. Some people look at the little things about this and make judgements, something like if we bite our fingernails. But using e45 cream and moisturizers can help us to reinstate that sense of pride in ourselves. If you don’t look the part, it’s time to make yourself into the person you want to be.

Tackling Stress With Sensibility

Stress is commonplace for many of us. We might not feel that we have everything under control because we are walking around in a fog. And when you start to realise that stress is the overriding sensation that makes you feel like this you can start to tackle this properly. Stress in small doses is good but if you feel anxious all the time this is going to have a negative effect. Think about the things that make you feel stressed that you can control. You may very well worry about the things that are beyond your control but this means that you are worrying about things that you cannot change. What you can change is you. And if you are someone who is incredibly stressed all the time you can start to tackle these using successful tactics. Learning to minimise your stress levels can be about a daily practice like mindfulness or meditation, or it can be about eating the right diet. Look at the things that you know you should be doing better, especially if you have a poor diet.

Stop Overthinking

When our mind is on the go all the time this has a negative effect later on in the day. If we overthink or we can’t relax then we’re not going to be able to sleep. We’ve got to stop overthinking and analysing every little thing because we need to remember that our brains use a lot of energy as well. And if you constantly think about things that are beyond your control then you won’t be able to relax but you’ll also have an energy deficit. Stopping yourself overthinking is a hard thing to start with, but you can begin by doing a brain dump. At the end of every single day, write down the things that enter, your mind, however odd they may be. After a while, you’ve got a habit where you can just put these items down onto a piece of paper and let them stay there; you can deal with them in the morning.

Disconnect From Life On Occasion

We operate at such a speed of life that we are over stimulating ourselves. In order to remain calm and have things under control, we’ve got to step away and preserve ourselves. Sometimes we need something like a duvet day in order to give our mind and body a chance to relax and process everything. It’s these moments where we can have clarity and put something in place to benefit ourselves. Disconnecting from life on occasion isn’t about being antisocial but it can be about doing something that is for you; this is one of the most important things that we have to remember. When we are parents, we can give so much of ourselves that we lose sight of who we are. We have to remember that disconnecting from life on occasion gives us a chance to think about the things that matter. We can spend so long firefighting the problems right in front of us that we don’t have the opportunity to formulate a plan. Back away and focus on proper downtime for you.


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