Unusual Hobbies to Try (When You’re Definitely Not Having a Midlife Crisis)

Do you ever get the urge to try something new? It could be picking up a takeaway from a new place or getting a different haircut, but you can also feel like trying out something completely different. If you’re feeling bored or restless, finding a new way to spend some of your free time can put a spark back into your life. You don’t have to be having a midlife crisis to try something new and unusual, and there are more interesting hobbies to pick up than donning the lycra and getting on your bike. Whether you try it once or discover a new passion, you might like one of the suggestions below.

Take Up Ballroom

Learning to dance might not be that unusual, but a lot of men may not jump at the chance to learn ballroom dancing. However, just a couple of generations ago, everyone would have learned a couple of key dances that they could use to charm ladies at tea dances and eventually at their wedding (instead of that awkward shuffle of couples who can’t dance). It’s never too late to learn to dance, and it could also be something that you do with your partner as a more active date night.

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Go Wild Swimming

For adventurous dads, the call of the wild can often get them exploring the outdoors. But instead of riding a bike, going on hikes, or spending your time fishing, why not consider getting wet? There’s nothing that will make you feel alive quite like taking a dip in a freezing cold river, pond, or lake. Wild swimming is all about swimming in natural waters and enjoying what nature has to offer. Of course, it’s important to do it safely, so don’t go tearing off without really knowing what you’re doing. Consider looking for a group to join so you have people to go with.

Learn to Fly

If you’re a thrillseeker, maybe you’re looking for something that’s a bit more high adrenaline. What about learning to fly a plane? And if flying a plane the normal way is already a doddle for you, you could kick it up a notch and learn some aerobatics. Look for a local provider of courses like the Australian Aerobatic Academy that will teach you what you want to know. Of course, it’s something that you will need to commit to if you want to buy a package of lessons, which requires time and money.

Get Really Into Something Normal

The other option is to go route one Dad Hobby and get a bit weird about it. A lot of dads (and parents in general) can turn normal household tasks and chores or fairly banal activities into proper hobbies. From mowing the lawn and cleaning your car to barbecuing, working out how to perfect something can be very satisfying. Plus, it’s often something that you can do at home and while feeling like you’re doing something useful.

If you’re a dad who’s feeling restless, an interesting new hobby could be what you need, whether it’s high-octane or something more down to Earth.

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