Why We Should All Treasure Our Elderly Relatives

Getting older is inevitable; it’s something we all do at one time or another. We may not realize that we’re getting older, until one day we’re not as fast as we were, and not as able. One of the worst things about getting older can be losing touch with the people that once meant a lot to you. If you have elderly relatives, have you visited them recently? We should all treasure our elderly relatives, as they aren’t usually around for long. Plus, a simple visit or phone call can truly make their day.


They Still Have Something To Give

Older people still have so much to give. You might think that they don’t listen because they aren’t as sharp as they once were, or that their views are outdated, but they can actually be very wise. Sitting and listening to their stories as well as asking them for advice on what they would do differently can be a huge eye opener.

They Can Teach Us Things

Just because many elderly relatives end up in care homes, doesn’t mean they can’t teach us things. This doesn’t refer to what we said earlier; asking them for advice and listening to their stories. It means with the way they act. If you have a relative who is suffering from cognitive decline, you’re likely going to have to be patient with them. This is a great skill to have and you’ll appreciate your relative for helping you with it. You will also learn to have more empathy, more kindness, and an abundance of other things.

It’ll Bring You Happiness

Going to see your elderly relatives will not only make them happy; it’ll make you happy too. Seeing a smile on their face that’s all thanks to you will feel amazing. One of the key ways us humans experience happiness is by helping and bringing happiness to others. Going to make an elderly relative dinner, or even just sitting with them for a cup of tea and a chat will mean the world to the both of you.

You Don’t Want Any Regrets

It’s all too easy to put off seeing elderly relatives until it’s too late. You may keep telling yourself that you’ll go tomorrow, or next weekend, but the fact is, that day may never come. Will you regret your decisions later on down the line? Chances are, you will. There will likely be something you’d wish you did or wished you had said. To avoid having regrets in the future, make sure you go and visit them before it’s too late. Get into a habit with it and it’ll become easier. It may be difficult to see your relative if they have a poor memory or they aren’t very well, but you need to put aside your own needs in order to bring them a little happiness. Just put yourself in their shoes – because it may very well be you one day.

Will you treasure your elderly relatives from now on? Leave your thoughts!


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