Top Up That Retirement Fund With Properties

We all want to retire and be able to live a really good life. But being able to retire and live a good life don’t seem to go hand in hand. What many people realize is that retiring is actually an expensive game. If you haven’t managed to build a retirement fund big enough to support your freedom, then you’ll often find yourself with no money and with a big longing to go back to work. But why should you go back to work?! You will have worked all of those years to try and get to a nice age where you never have to think about working for the man again, and we know how to make sure that happens. We think that everyone should have the freedom to live whatever sort of life that they want to live during retirement, and the career you’ve had throughout your working life will determine that. The effort you put into growing that fund will also do so, and we’re going to show you how property is the key to your success. Keep on reading to find out more. 

Securing A Property Or Two

This is the first thing that you need to think about. How you do it all depends on the finances you have and how much you’re willing to spend. If you have had an inheritance, you might want to use that. If not then you can always remortgage your home and use the money to put a good deposit down on another one. It’s really important that you find the right property for sale if you’re going to want to have the success that you need to have. If you go for a cheaper property in an area that’s not so popular, you might not be able to fill the rental that you need to fill. You can remortgage the second home to then buy a third to rent out, if you’re going to go at this big time. 

How It Pays Off

There are many ways that it pays off, and it is all a waiting game. You have to wait the many years that it will take for your home to have its mortgage paid off by the people who are renting it from you. We’re thinking 25+ years this will take, so it is a really long investment. But will it be worth it in the end? Most definitely. All you’ll have done is put the deposit down, the renters will pay the rest. So when you do go to sell it in the many years down the line, you’ll be making an enormous amount of profit. Profit that you can then use for a really healthy retirement being able to do what you want. If you have two properties you’ll definitely feel the financial benefit. 

Managing It Over The Years

All you need to do over the years is make sure that you’re a good landlord. Keep the houses in check, always sort any problems you’re presented with, and always keep the tenancy alive. 


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