Top Tips For Setting Up Your Business Premises

When you are growing a business, there is a very big chance that you can migrate from the spare bedroom to new premises. It all depends on how well you run it, but if you want to have your own business premises, it can be done. It’s so much more than having just a pretty shop window, too. You need to have a place that can make a big difference to your business customers, and that’s why it’s so important to get your business premises right.

You’re going to have a great time getting your business premises set up for the public, but you need to ensure that it’s a place to operate that will flourish and not one that will flop. You need to find the right premises that will meet your business needs and suit the way that you work. Sure, you can bring in services like the ones at to design the interior for you, but you need to know what you want for that to matter. Your business should be called home by your staff, and enjoyed by your customers, and that means that you need to answer some basic questions about finding your new business home.

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What Type Of Premises Do I Need?

You wouldn’t skip out on choosing a new home that suits you, so don’t do it with your business. The type of space you choose should match what your business does, and you should be able to achieve that with your premises. Whether you need a meeting room or a workshop, your business type will influence the space that you need.

Where Should You Locate It?

Location is possibly one of the most important factors when it comes to choosing a business premises. You need to go where the people are, and your customers need to be able to interact with you directly. A shop should be where your audience can reach it, and a workshop should be accessible to the road. Your business should be easily accessible to customers, employees, suppliers and competitors alike.

Should I Lease Or Buy?

There are three options for your new business premises: license, lease and buy. Licensing is the most flexible of the three, but there is far less security with it as contracts can be terminated at any time. The next is leasing, and it’s more secure than a license but there is more commitment and more money required. Then there is the option to buy. If you have the spare cash, buying outright can be an excellent long-term investment, and you can really adapt your premises to suit your business. You need a commercial mortgage to be able to buy and there are a lot of places to choose from, including fewer deals. Get the right mortgage advice to ensure that you get the best possible deal. 

Getting your new business premises ready takes some time, but be patient and it’ll come good in the end.


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