TLC Tips For Men


Often times we see skincare and pamper routines for women that promote self care and look to improve skin, hair, and keep the body healthy. But a lot of the time we don’t see the same kind of routine for men

Today we want to share some simple ways to give your body some TLC as a man at home; to improve your skin, grooming routine, and your overall health. Use these simple tips and steps to improve your self care routine this year and see a big difference in the way you feel every day. 

Don’t swear off a face mask 

We all know that women apply face masks now and again as a deep clean for the skin; but it is not often we try it ourselves. It is important not to swear off the idea of a face mask as a man because this deep cleansing of the pores can prevent oil build up and acne on your face. The next time your partner applies a face mask, join her and see how fresh and revitalised your skin feels after! 

Use conditioner 

When washing your hair, shampoo is not enough to keep your hair healthy and strong. Shampoo is used to strip the hair of oils and dirt that may have built up over the day but it also gets rid of the essential oils that keep hair silky and shiny. This is why conditioner should be applied after shampoo to restore moisture in the hair and help it stay volunteer and shiny. Remember to use conditioner when you shower to keep your hair healthy. 

Take supplements 

One way to stay healthy is to take supplements. These could be anything from vitamin C for skin; caffeine for weight loss; Alpha Mars for sexual health; and cod liver oil for joints. Keep your body ticking over smoothly each day with supplements and vitamins and stay strong. 

Make time for cardio 

Cardio might not seem like a self care kind of activity however keeping your heart beating fast and muscles moving is a simple way to care for your physical body to keep it strong. Make time for 20 minutes of cardio a day whether it be a run, a bike ride, a workout in your living room or playing football with the kids. 

Get manscaping 

Manscaping is the process of grooming the male area of hair to keep it healthy and tidy. You should manscape every so often to get rid of excess hair and ensure that you don’t catch hairs in awkward places throughout the day. You can buy manscaping kits that include everything you need to keep your family jewels healthy and clean. 

Use moisturiser 

Our skin needs moisture and to prevent aging as well as flaking you should apply moisturiser to your face after every shower. Keeping your skin hydrated is important and will protect it and ensure that it stays looking its best. 

Take on these self care tips for men this week and see the difference it makes. 

Phillip Neho

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