How To Throw Your Kids the Coolest Birthday Party Ever

Planning your child’s birthday party isn’t easy. After all, you have to think about the cake, the party itself and even the theme. If you want to do all of this easier than ever before, then one thing that you can do is plan ahead, and always make sure that you don’t leave anything to chance or until the last minute. If you do that, there is a high chance that the party will be a huge success and that everyone will think you’re the coolest parent ever.


The first thing that you have to do is budget. The cost for a party can easily amount to the cost of a small wedding, so before you even start out, you have to make sure that you know how much you can spend and how much you realistically want to go up to. When you have this amount, you’ll need to divide it by the number of guests that you plan on having. The fewer guests you have, the more you can spend on each one. For example, would you rather take 10 kids on a rock climbing adventure with dinner in a dinosaur-themed café? Or would you rather take 40 kids to the local play area and let them run around and do whatever they want with a portion of chips at the end? All of this can really make a difference to the type of event that you have.

Picking a Date

When you have set your budget, it is then time to set a date. You’ll want to make sure that this date works for everyone. Saturdays are great because it means that a lot of parents have more time in the day, as Sunday often comes with its fair share of commitments. This could include Sunday roast dinners or even church. It also helps to make sure that the date is going to work for the family members that are coming as well, so make sure that grandma can make it on that day as well.

Book the Venue

When choosing a venue, make sure that you choose one that suits your own child’s personality and interests. For example, if they love to run around then why not hire a bigger, empty venue to host a bouncy castle? If they are more reserved then a smaller venue with an arts and crafts table may work just as well. When you are selecting the venue, it is then a good idea for you to set the theme. Choose something that your child is going to love and not something that looks cute for the sake of it. Also, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Get other family members involved and make them feel a part of the event. If you know that your child loves dinosaurs then why not consider hiring someone to dress up as one? Or have a dinosaur themed cake and bouncy castle. All of this can really help you to set the theme while also giving you ideas for the event itself.

Guest List

You may not think that creating a guest list is required. After all, you don’t want to feel as though you are planning a stag party or a wedding, but the truth is that pre-school is not without its drama. You may end up hurting some feelings if you don’t invite the whole class. If you have an older child then you won’t have any problems in just bringing their close friends, so this is something that you do need to give some serious consideration. The last thing you’ll want is to leave someone out, so if you can’t invite the whole group then consider having it as very close friends only so nobody gets upset.

Choosing a Time

Older kids will be wiped out at around 4 hours. Remember that you don’t have to plan out the entire day and parents won’t want to stay this long either. 4 hours is a long time in a child’s world so you won’t be cutting it short by planning for this amount of time. If you have a younger child then you can easily plan to have less time than this, such as 2 hours or even 3 hours. Either way, you certainly don’t need to have more than this and you’ll see that for yourself soon enough.

The Invites

When you plan out the invites, make sure that you state the date and the time. You’ll also want to state the venue, if you are having one. If you want to have a great turnout then try and make sure that you provide directions to the venue so that you know everyone will be able to get there on time. If you have any special requirements, such as if you need the guests to bring a swimsuit or something to match in with the theme then it is a good idea for you to state this on the invitation. If you tell this to the parents in person, there is a high chance that they will forget. After all, being a parent is stressful and it can lead to a lot of forgotten details.


The cake is a huge part of the event. Your child will be able to blow out the candles at the end and make a wish. Hopefully that wish won’t be to have a bigger or better party next year, but still, the cake is an important feature and getting it custom-made is always a great idea. Custom birthday cakes can easily be made to match in with the theme and it is a great way for you to really bring everything together. If you are getting your cake custom made, you may need to tell them the venue you need it dropping off at and you may even need to plan this months in advance, so take that into account.

Stay Classy

It’s very important that when you plan out your children’s meal, that you stick to the classics. The last thing you’ll want to do is serve them buttered lobster with a garlic sauce. They won’t appreciate it and they probably won’t have any idea what it actually is. You can’t go wrong with chicken nuggets, pizza and other classics. You may want to do something a bit more unique, but the truth is that kids always like to keep it simple, so you should as well.


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