Think You Can’t Afford a Family Getaway? Think Again

There’s nothing better than packing up the family and going away on an adventure! Alas, for many parents, this is something that has to stay in the “dream” category. After all, there are bills to be paid and money to be scurried away into the savings account, and a family trip can be expensive. Or so the thinking usually goes. In actual fact, a trip away is more feasible than you might imagine. Below, we take a look at five rules that’ll lead to a trip somewhere exciting.


Make a Commitment

If you don’t work towards something, then it’s never going to come true. You can say that about anything and everything, including holidays. Instead of having an ‘I can’t afford it’ mentally, switch your mind to something more positive, such as ‘we will go away as a family this year no matter what.’ Everything becomes much easier if you’ve made a vow. People are usually much more capable of making their dreams come true than they give themselves credit for. Stay positive, and you don’t know what might happen.

Around the House

You might be looking at your paycheck and think that there’s no way you can afford to travel at the moment. And you might be right. But remember: your salary isn’t your only source of money. Most people have thousands of dollars at their disposal…it’s just that it’s all tied up in the items they have lying around the home. You can sell the clothes you no longer wear, sell any scrap metal you have in the shed, or have a garage sale of all the old appliances that are doing nothing but gathering dust. Combined all together, you might have enough for a family trip and still have some money to spare.

Cut out the Luxuries

Of course, if the money that you raise doesn’t quite give you enough for the type of adventure you’re after, then you can always do the other smart thing: which is to keep the money you already have in your back pocket! Most people are more able to cut out luxuries than they realize. Even switching to lunches that you make at home (rather than buy) can save a lot of money, which can then go straight into the savings account.

Pick the Destination

It’s also worth keeping in mind that there’s no single getaway out there waiting for you. Holidays come in all shapes and sizes! If you can’t afford that epic holiday this year, think about going somewhere that’s more budget friendly. A family camping trip can be just as adventurous and fun as any other type of holiday – and you’ll hardly feel the impact on the old bank balance.

A Little Here, A Little There

Finally, remember that every penny saved is another step towards a holiday! If you have some spare cash, throw it into the savings fund. You’d be surprised at just how quickly those small amounts of money can add up to some serious cash.


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