Teaching Your Kids To Enjoy Life With Less

Enjoying life with less is something that many people, both children and adults could do with learning. Why are so many people convinced that happiness comes from stuff? The more stuff we own, the more cluttered our houses – it doesn’t make us any happier. In fact, having cluttered houses can easily clutter our minds and make us feel more stressed, having the exact opposite effect.

It might be too late for many adults out there, but we can still save our kids. Start teaching your kids to enjoy life with less, and they’ll become more grateful, less materialistic adults.

Here are some pointers you can use to help:

Don’t Be Scared Of Letting Your Kids Get Bored

You can’t be afraid of letting your kids get bored. By avoiding giving them something new every time they are bored, you give them more freedom in the long term, as they can come up with their own unstructured play, perhaps even spending more time outside as kids should.


Be Selective About The Toys You Buy

Buying kids toys is fine sometimes, but buying them all the time could make them more materialistic. The less their toys do, the more your kids have to use their imaginations – so be selective about the toys you actually buy.

Rotate Toys

If your kids have a lot of toys already, consider putting in place a rotation system. For example, have half of their toys out for 6 months, and then rotate the other half for the next 6 months. This will stop the novelty from wearing off and no toy should get forgotten about.

Encourage Kids To Have A Clear Out

If you regularly purge your home, then make sure you get your kids involved too. Encourage them to have a clear out too. Maybe you can take some of their old toys to a charity shop or encourage them to give them to underprivileged kids. This will teach them that giving can feel just as good as having stuff, if not better! If you’re not sure whether you should get rid of some of the things they have, you can always use things like Canning Vale Storage Units to keep them safe for a bit while you make your mind up. If you don’t need the items in around 6 months, chances are you won’t need them at all.

Encourage Your Kids To Use The Right Language

It isn’t unusual to hear a kid saying they ‘want’ or ‘need’ something. However, asking them to simply say they ‘like’ something instead can transform their attitude. It stops them from sounding greedy, and helps them to understand that even though they may want something, doesn’t mean they have to have it. It’s fine for them to like things, though, so a subtle change in the things they say can help them to understand the power behind their words much better.

All kids can enjoy life with less. You might even find they develop faster as they use their imaginations and have fun their own way!


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