Superstar Dads Throw Superstar Parties!

You never quite know what fatherhood will throw at you. One day you’re teaching your child how to cycle, the next you’re answering their curiosity-driven questions that touch the edges of your knowledge. And then comes the birthday party! Whoever thinks that they’ll one day have to plan an awesome party for twenty or so five-year-olds? But don’t worry, because you’ve got this. Or at least you will when you’ve taken a read of our cheat sheet below. There you’ll find everything you need to know to make sure it’s a party to remember!


Set the Place, Date, Time

Children don’t know what they’re doing tomorrow, let alone in a week or two weeks from now. Parents are a little bit different: they think on a longer timeframe, and make plans weeks in advance. As such, you’ll have to give plenty of notice as to when the party will be taking place. The question is, when will that be? If you have a green space at the back of your home, then you’ve got a natural play area that’ll be perfect for a party. As for time, it’s best to make it early to mid-afternoon, so as not to disturb nap times and the like.

Get Your Child Involved

Your child won’t just be sitting on the sidelines as you organize everything, they’ll want to get involved! They can’t help with everything but include them in the decision process wherever possible. Sit down together to create the friends they’d like to invite, and then use a site like Pure Invitation to choose the design of the invitations. You can also ask them what type of theme they’d like for their big day; whatever they say will help you decide which decorations and supplies to buy for the party.

Think About Entertainment

In all likelihood, the children will be able to entertain themselves for a couple of hours. However, they might have too much fun! By booking entertainment, you can help give the day a bit of focus, at least for a short while. You can choose in-person entertainment, such as performers, or you can have things like pinatas, games, dress up play costumes, and so on. Also don’t forget to have staples like balls, action figures, and all the other toys that are lying around the home available for use, too.

Add a Surprise

Your child will have a fantastic day if all their friends are there! But you can make it extra special by throwing in a surprise too. If the party isn’t on their actual birthday, save one present – maybe the main one – that they can open on the day.

Get Ready for Chaos

It’s all about having fun, but it will be a little bit chaotic. However, if you’re a rockstar dad, then you need a rockstar attitude! Invite a few adult friends around to share the responsibility and embrace the chaos of hyperactive children; it’ll be over in a few hours anyway! And then comes sleep for all….


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