Spotting The Signs Of Dementia

Every person is different and so dementia can impact people in different ways. There are no two people that will develop exactly the same symptoms when it comes to dementia. However, it is worth being aware of some of the most common signs and early symptoms of dementia if you think that a loved one may be suffering from this condition. In this blog post, we will look at some of the early symptoms in further detail to help you get a better understanding.

Loss of initiative

At times, we can all become tired of social obligations, business activities, and housework. However, an individual that is suffering from dementia can become extremely passive, they may lose interest in their hobbies, sleep more than usual, and sit in front of the television for long periods of time.

Personality changes

It is also not uncommon to notice changes within someone’s personality if they are suffering from dementia. An individual with dementia may seem different to his or her usual self in ways that are often difficult to pinpoint. For example, a person may become agitated, anxious, depressed, irritable, or suspicious, particularly in situations whereby their memory problems are causing them difficulties

Changes in behaviour or mood

There is no denying that everybody can experience moodiness or sadness on occasion. However, an individual dealing with dementia may be more emotional than is usual for them and they can experience rapid mood swings for no apparent reason. On the flip side, you may notice that a person suffering from dementia shows less emotion than they usually would.

Misplacing things

If somebody misplaces his or her keys or wallet on occasion, this is not something to worry about. However, a person suffering with dementia will often put things in unusual places, for example, they may put their watch in the fruit bowl or there iron in the fridge.

Problems with keeping track of things

A person with this condition can find it challenging to keep up with paying their bills or following conversation.

Decreased or poor judgement

People that suffer from dementia can start to dress inappropriately. This means that they could wear very few layers on a cold day or they may wear lots of layers of clothes on a warm day.

Disorientation of time and place

A person suffering from this condition can become lost in places that were once familiar, for example, the road that they live in. They may forget how they got there or where they are going, or they may not be able to get back home. It is also not uncommon for a person suffering with dementia to confuse night and day.

Language problems

Another common issue for those suffering with dementia is language problems. They may find that they forget simple words or that they use unusual words to substitute others, which can make their writing and their speech very difficult to comprehend.

Trouble performing familiar tasks

In addition to the symptoms that have already been mentioned, people with dementia can often find it a struggle to complete everyday tasks that were once so familiar for them. For example, they may not know the steps to follow in order to prepare a meal or they may not know what order to put their clothes on.

Memory loss

One of the most common early symptoms of dementia is declining memory, especially short-term memory loss. If this happens, you should look into dementia support. People that suffer with ordinary forgetfulness can still usually remember the facts that are linked with the thing that they have forgotten about. For example, they may have forgotten a person’s name, but they will still know who this person is. A good example of this would be if you were to forget your neighbour’s name yet you would still be able to point out who your neighbour was. However, for those suffering from dementia, not only will they forget their neighbours name but they will actually forget who their neighbours are as well.

We hope that this blog post has given you a better understanding regarding some of the most common early signs and symptoms that are associated with dementia. If you believe that someone you love is suffering with this condition, it is important to get them the help that they need.


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