Software That Everyone Should Know How to Use

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Most Windows computers will come with Microsoft software already installed. However, if you have an Apple MacBook, you’re likely to have to sign up for an online subscription in order to download the software. Either way, the programmes on offer can be used on a daily basis to make your whole life a whole lot easier. Here are a few of the brand’s applications that you really should get familiar with

Microsoft Word

Microsoft word is perhaps the most commonly and frequently used of Microsoft’s applications. It forms a major part of the Microsoft Office Suite or can be purchased individually as a stand-alone product. Having been initially launched in 1983, it has undergone several revisions, each improving user experience with the programme. It is essentially a word processing programme. This means that you can easily create and edit documents with it. The programme is one of the simplest to operate. What you see is what you get! When you open it up, you’re presented with a blank document. You can type as much text as you please and the toolbar at the top allows you to make changes to the page’s aesthetic. For example, you can make text bold by pressing “B”, italic by pressing “I”, or underlined by pressing the “U” at the top of the page. You can also change text alignment, font, and text size. What’s particularly useful is that the way text is presented on your screen is exactly the same as it will be printed out if you so please.

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is a more specific programme. It is generally used to organise, format, and calculate data through the use of formulas. When you open the programme, you will face a spreadsheet. It is commonly used to create pivot tables, macros and graphs. While this piece of software is a little more tricky to use, you will quickly come to grips with it under the right direction. You can take short courses in IT which will give you a basic understanding of how to operate the system. However, if you have less time on your hands, you can simply use learning resources for Excel from the comfort of your own home.

Microsoft Powerpoint

Now, not everyone will have a use for Microsoft powerpoint. But if you have a form of presentation to give, it becomes indispensable. A firm favourite amongst students, lecturers, professors, and individuals in business, this presentation programme uses a graphical approach to create slideshow points that can be used as a brilliant accompaniment to any speech or talk. Slides can be plain and simple or elaborate and complex. There are options to include images, music, video links, and HTML links to further references. So, whether you’re planning a presentation yourself or have kids at school who might need a helping hand with their homework presentations and assignments, it’s a good idea to become familiar with this piece of software and all of the options it holds.

Microsoft has multiple software applications on the market, but these tend to be three of the most popular. So, download them and try your hand at using them to your advantage!


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