Six of the Best Job Roles For a Better Work and Family Life Balance

When you have a family and a career, it is a real balancing act; the juggle is real. Getting the balance right between seeing your family and being active in their lives, while enjoying your career and providing for them, can take time to balance and get right (or at least what is ‘right’ for you and your family). 

So with that in mind, here are some of the best careers that work flexibly and can be best suited to those people looking for a better family life and work balance. These jobs offer some flexible scheduling, work-from-home and part-time options, as well as high earnings, which is what most people will be looking for. They could be ideal professionals that happen to be parents, that are looking to switch their career fields to more family-friendly positions. 


Account Manager

Working as an account manager is related to the sales and marketing field, so there will be various companies that you could work for, where this would be relevant. And as far as earnings go, you can earn an estimated $98,500 per year in the role of an account manager. The job itself is around maintaining current client accounts, which can include upgrading services, offering new options, and things like exclusivity. These jobs will often have the option to work from home as all you need is your phone and a laptop, so there are flexible options.

Property Management or Development

If you want to take time out from the job that you are currently doing, and quite like the idea of working for yourself and doing your own thing, then getting into property can be a really lucrative thing to do. You can work on your own time, which is the main thing for making it work around a family. You do need to have some capital to be able to afford the properties that you have, but if you went down the buy to let route, then it could be a good way to cover costs with the renting. You could also look to go down the commercial property route too, which can be an even more lucrative way of doing things. Research and planning are key, though, which is why it could be worth looking at somewhere like commercial buyers agents Prosper Group to see what kind of costs you will be looking at, so that you can plan ahead and make a business plan. It might not be something that you could do immediately, but you could look to get into this in the long-term.

Project Manager

If you are looking for a job role that has the chance to work from home, perhaps even full-time, then a project manager could be for you. You may have already been working with a company where you could transition to this role. If not, then it is important to know that a project manager role would suit those with experience in planning, organizing, supervising, and experience with evaluating project activities.

Business Analyst

Another role that work well for flexible working, and some occasional working from home, then becoming a business analyst could be what would work for you. One of the perks is that this kind of role is typically less stressful than a role that is a finance job with a lot of pressure, as well as the flexible working options, of course. The job itself is all about gathering and analyzing information on a variety of complex business problems, so it would make a smooth transition for anyone with an analytical background.

Health Advisor or Health Coach

If you want to have a flexible career, where there are lots of options for working, then the medical field is a pretty flexible industry. The hours never close, so you could work night shifts, and a variety of hours. You could also choose part-time and full-time work, and in some instances, especially with health coaching, can allow for some telecommuting. The health advisor and health coach field is all about consulting with customers over the phone, and will help them to manage and improve their health care and lifestyles. If you wanted to work in the medical field, then of course, roles like consultants and doctors can be a fairly flexible option as well.

Online Tax Advisor

If you want a role that allows you to work from home completely, then working as an online tax advisor can be a good idea. All you need is a computer and a good internet connection, which makes it suit parents well. The role itself is all about providing tax advice to customers via phone, email and online chat. If you have experience working as an accountant, legal background, or financial background, then with some training, it could suit you well.


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