Simple Ways That You Can Totally Transform Your Appearance as a Guy

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In some ways, we have it a little more difficult as guys when it comes to our appearance. While there’s undoubtedly more pressure on women to look a certain way compared with us, women generally find it easier to transform their appearance and look their best than us. While no one is stopping men from wearing makeup, hair extensions, corsets and shapewear- in general a lot of us tend not to do that- and so we have to work with what we have naturally a little more. However, it’s not impossible for men to change and improve their appearance, and so if you’d like to start looking your best know that there are ways to go about it. Maybe you’re newly single and want to feel confident in your appearance, perhaps you want a promotion and think the way you look is holding you back. Maybe you’re just fed up looking in the mirror and not liking what you see. If so, here are some of the ways you can invest in yourself and transform your appearance.

Get a new hairstyle

Have you been wearing your hair the same way for the whole of your adult life? As men, many of us have the issue of receding hairlines and hair loss, and so a cut and style that worked years ago might not necessarily be doing us any favours any more. A new hairstyle can completely transform your appearance so is definitely something to consider. You could shave your head or just go shorter. If you still have a full head of hair, why not grow it out a little and have a hairdresser show you a new way to style it. You could have a hair transplant, results are incredibly natural looking these days and could really improve your confidence. There’s lots of ways you could make a change.

Grow a beard

As well as the hair on your head, how about switching up your facial hair? It won’t have escaped your attention that beards are in style, how about giving one a go if you’ve always been clean shaven? It can make a guy look more distinguished and you might find you look more attractive too.

Improve your teeth

If you’re not happy with your teeth this can really affect your confidence in your general life. Maybe you put off going for that promotion or getting yourself a date because you’re embarrassed of your smile. You might never be able to laugh freely, always worrying about covering your mouth. There’s SO much dentist can do these days and improved teeth will massively boost your appearance. Whether it’s whitening, veneers, all on 4 dentures or even invisible braces- your teeth are well worth the investment.

Get some tattoos

Have you always fancied getting tattoos but put this off? Why not take the plunge, something like a sleeve tattoo can make you look cool and edgy and is a way to showcase your personal style. Think through all of your designs very carefully and research your tattoo artist.


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