Simple Superhero Themed Kids Party

Sometimes as a parent there is nothing more fun than throwing the best birthday party for your kids. Not only do they love it, and keep the memories for years, but the photos you get to keep of the day, and the memories are something quite special too. The day they got to be a real cowboy or their favorite superhero. Letting their imaginations run wild as they run around the garden with their closest friends.

Well, here are a few ideas to get you well on the way to making your little one’s birthday party extra special.


  1.    Make sure you invite the friends that count. So often parents get side-tracked trying to keep everything smooth with the most number of parents, they forget that what really matters is that kiddo has the children they actually play within the school there – friends. Tackle it delicately, and if you are inviting a select amount rather than the whole class, hand invites directly to parents rather than have your little one brings them into school and cause a fuss. Some fresh ideas for invitations are ones shaped like capes, or hero masks.


  1.    Think allergies. When you are either a) planning the menu or b) booking the caterer, think about kids with allergies or intolerances. It might be a small thing, but it will make the child with allergies, and the parents of those children feel so included (aside from saving their lives too).


  1.    Have a theme. Children love to dress up and let their imaginations run wild. So why not use the opportunity to do just that. Hire kids jumping castles in your area, and let the little superheroes pretend they are flying high all day. Hire a face painter for the duration of the party, so


  1.    Have the food match the theme. If you are having a superhero party, why now have ‘superfruits’ in bowls, use comic strips napkins to wrap hotdogs, and some cupcakes with a mix of superheroes on it. Be prepared for a battle over the most popular ones!


  1.    Print out or design some POW, SPLOSH, and BOOM speech bubbles and try and get photos of the kids using them, for some genuinely retro comic book fun.


  1.    When it comes to music you can have any pop music, most superhero movies have very atmospheric music, and it might not be all that conducive to a bouncy kids’ party. Try and put a pop playlist together of current hits but be mindful of anything that involves swearing or hints at certain activities.


If you need help for party bags or great greats for games like pass the parcel, check online for action figures, comics, the goodie bag itself, and some tasty treats. Try to steer clear of packing them with too much plastic like straws or easily breakable toys. Often these are the worst part of the party for parents – the useless bag of things they’re left with. So think about what might be useful – coloring books, coloring pencils and other items of a similar nature that can be kept and used.



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