Say Goodbye To The Beer Belly And Hello To Dad Bod

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When you become a father, you do tend to lose your physique, well….whatever physique you may have had is bound to be slightly (in my case, hugely) depleted. It’s to be expected, and it’s almost a positive attribute because it shows that you’re spending less time on yourself and more time on your kids……or more time eating the leftovers that they are refusing to eat. That said, you might still be unhappy when you look in the mirror and see a belly sagging over your waistband. Or, perhaps notice that you’re starting to get a turkey neck and maybe those muscles aren’t as toned as they used to be. What’s the answer to this problem?

You might think that it’s time to start exercising hard every day and making sure that you trim all the fat out of your diet. You’ll need to do that if you are aiming to get back the physique of your youth. But is that what you should be aiming for? Let’s face it, the goal is probably beyond your reach and even if it wasn’t it might take more energy than you could muster.

Instead, you should be aiming for dad bod.

What the heck is dad bod

It’s best described as the middle ground, and apparently people find it rather attractive. A lot of celebrities from Leonardo DiCaprio to Vin Diesel have embraced dad bod. The physique includes toned, large arm muscles with a toned chest and a slight curve of the belly that is tense rather than saggy – basically, get some arms and chest and lose the muffin top. How do you achieve it?

Weight Workouts

If you want the arms for dad bod, you need to start completing weight workouts. If you look at local gyms in your area, you’ll find that they have the full range of weights for this type of exercise. If you don’t want to go to the gym, you can also buy these weights for use at home, to build up inner arm muscle, you want to complete weight lifts, starting with your arms flat and straight and then slowly lifting them up to your head. This will quickly build up your arm muscle strength.

You might also want to try bringing the weights from right angles next to your body, to high up over your head and back down again. It can help to knock the weights together to give you a sense of achievement.

That’s going to tone up your chest, but what about that stomach?

Situps Or Crunches

Here’s a fun fact that most people don’t realize? Sit Ups are actually pushing the muscle out and can if completed incorrectly lead to the pot belly that while not saggy is still massive. Instead, you should be completing crunches. Contrary to popular belief crunches are still a difficult exercise but rather than working to boost the size of your muscles on your stomach, you’ll be working to tone them up. As such, you’ll find your belly won’t protrude quite as much.


The final step to getting the dad bod is to correct that posture. Keep your back straight, your shoulders back, and after a couple of months, you’ll see a notable change in your physique. Did you notice we didn’t mention diet here? That’s because it’s not as relevant. With the right workout, you can get a great physique even on an average diet. So grab that gym membership, head to the weights bench and don’t worry about that extra helping of bacon.



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