Relaxercise: Activities for Body and Brain

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Life can be pretty stressful in the 21st century. Juggling childcare with work commitments, family commitments, hobbies and interests, not to mention those dreaded chores, is not always easy to accomplish and it can leave many of us feeling sick, tired and stressed out to say the least. Naturally, that is why many people avoid doing exercise to keep themselves fit, and it’s pretty understandable that they do, but it might not be the best way.


You see, there are lots of activities that combine the physical benefits of exercise with the mental benefits of meditation and relaxation, and when they are practiced regularly, they can make it easier for us to get through the rest of life, no matter how challenging it may be.


Sound good to you?? Here are some of the best “relaxercises” to try out today:




You knew this was going to be the first suggestion, didn’t you? Well, there’s a good reason for that, if it’s fitness and peace of mind you’re looking for, there can be no better activity to take up than yoga. Why? Because the complex stretches that you must hold during a yoga session work wonders for toning the body and improving physical fitness, and the way that you must slow down and focus on your breath, getting your mind and body into sync with one another is one of the most relaxing things there is. Even if you don’t think it’s for you, give it a try – there are lots of free yoga videos on Youtube – because it really is very effective. You don’t even need to be thin or a woman (common misconceptions) to practice!


Tai Chi


Tai Chi is another Eastern practice that is in some ways similar to yoga in that it asks you to bring body and mind together, with a significant focus on breathing. However, it is much gentler because it does not ask you to bend yourself into sometimes tricky poses. When you do Tai Chi, your movements are slow, gentle and specific. When you practice, you get into a flow that clears your mind, boosts your energy and gently works out your body, building strength and improving flexibility. If you can’t find a class near you, there are some great Online Tai Chi Lessons, which are just as good. Of course, practicing Tai Chi in the great outdoors will give you the most benefits because, as we all know, Mother Nature is extremely soothing.

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Running, calming? I doubt it! I can totally see where you’re coming from if that’s the reaction you had to seeing running on this list, however, running is fantastic for overall body health, and the heart in particular, and the rhythmic motions you make when you pound the pavements combined with the physical exertion you feel can bring on something known as a runner’s high, where you feel wonderful. It’s kind of like a really active form of meditation. You don’t have to go fast or far to feel the benefits either. Trust me!


Do you know of any other activities that bring benefits to body and mind?


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