Reasons to Try Contact Lenses

Contact lenses have been around for a long time. The first, most basic, version (dipping your face in a bowl of water!) was thought of by Leonardo da Vinci in the 1500s. By the 1970s, softer lenses, closer to the ones that we see today were in production, and the ’80s saw daily disposable lenses become more readily available. Contact lens technology has continued to progress, and the lenses used today are soft, comfortable, hygienic and easy to use. In the US, around 45 million people wear contact lenses, so chances are, you speak with people wearing lenses every day, and you don’t even notice.

But, that doesn’t mean that they aren’t a little freaky. If you’ve only ever worn glasses, the idea of putting your finger in your eye, and then having something next to your eye all day, might be a little scary. It shouldn’t be, however. Here are some of the reasons that you should try contacts. 

They Give You Options

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When you buy contact lenses from Eye Contacts, you’ve got easy options. You don’t have to wear them all of the time. You can still wear glasses. You can even get different frames, or try colored lenses for a total eye change. 

They’re Great for Sports

Contact lenses can be much more convenient for sports, trips to the gym, outdoor runs, and even playing with your kids in the park. They are much safer as glasses could easily get broken, risking damage to your eyes. However, you should never wear contacts to swim, as this could lead to painful eye infections. 

You’ll Always Be Able to Touch Your Eyeball

Most of us start out pretty freaked out by the idea of putting something in our eyes. But, you get used to it really quickly. Then, in the future, if there’s something on your eyeball or lash, you’ll have no problem getting it out. You’ll probably be better with eye drops too. 

A Chance to Wear Bold Eye Makeup 

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If you’ve worn glasses for a long time, you might have given up on eye makeup. When you wear glasses, no one can really see your carefully applied eyeliner, so there doesn’t seem much point. Wear contacts, and you’ve suddenly got tons of eye makeup options. 

You’ll Love Glasses Again

You might have loved your glasses when you first got them. But, over time they get boring, even if you’ve got multiple frames, if you have to wear them every day. Start wearing lenses day to day and your glasses become a cool accessory that you love to wear. 

You’ll Be Able to Wear Cool Sunglasses

Prescription sunglasses can be expensive, so most of us only buy one pair, that are sensible and work well with everything. Wear contacts, and you can buy a million pairs of cheap, fashionable shades

Your Glasses Will Become Powerful

Glasses can be powerful. Wearing them can make you feel smart, confident and strong. But if you wear them to do the dishes that feeling gets lost. Wear contacts, and you’ll be able to put your specs on when you need a big power boost. 


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