A Property Renovation With Kids? It’s Child Play!

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Life at home never ends. The kids need feeding, the husband needs teaching, and the house needs cleaning. Life as a mother is non-stop and that’s a fact. For the most part, mums are great multitaskers who can tackle any challenge with a baby in tow. However, property remodels are too big and too dangerous even for supermums. As a parent, the kid’s safety and well-being come first. Houses do get old and tired and need revitalising, but you’ve got too much on your plate. So, what are the options? Let’s take a look at the following and find out.


Be Realistic


You would love nothing more than to hire a contractor, go on holiday and return to a new house. Sadly, this isn’t a makeover programme on Channel 4. The idea that the kids won’t be around for the renovation is unrealistic. Their routines will continue regardless. Why change the habit of a lifetime?! With that in mind, don’t bite off more than you can chew. A new kitchen would be lovely, but you still need to be able to make breakfast, lunch and dinner. Lots of families cordon off a section of the house and leave it untouched to make the process easier. Http://www.omaha.com has more tips if you are interested.


Set Out Safe Zones


Kids are curious and they will want to know what is happening and when. During a remodel, this is a dangerous trait because they could end up getting injured. Even just milling about around your feet could lead to an incident. The children need to understand that they can’t play or mess around in certain areas. So, you may want to consider setting up safe zones around the house. These areas let the kids play without fear of getting hurt. Alternatively, ‘no go’ zones are essential too due to chemicals and heavy machinery.

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Finish Early


Ah, wouldn’t it be amazing if this was possible? Homeowners love nothing more than a quick remodel, yet it usually goes beyond the schedule than the other way around. Some companies do guarantee a time frame, though. Http://www.therenovationcompany.com.au is a site which claims it can complete a home renovation in six weeks or less. If that is feasible, there is no reason to worry about the kids because it will be over in no time. Please don’t cut corners to try and get in front. Often, this is a waste of money as well as a safety hazard.


Be Timetable Flexible


Families have a routine and stick to it for the sake of the kids. Although it works most of the time, it won’t be effective in this scenario. Limiting the damage is about seizing opportunities wherever possible, which means you have to be proactive. For example, you might want to knock down the living room as soon as possible and get it out of the way. But, having kids onsite makes it harder, which is why you should paint. Then, when the children are away, you can take on the bigger tasks.


It won’t be easy, but it isn’t impossible either with these guidelines.



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