Promotion Should Never Be A Wheel Of Fortune

Being in business is like being in a shark tank. Even though you may not have detailed visual confirmation of the enemy, you can see their silhouette. They are swimming around you all the time, looking to take a chunk out of your business when they see a weak spot. It’s the way the world becomes a better place really, because when you’re competing you try your best. Every business owner must live by this ethos as they should never fear being in direct competition with multiple other businesses. Wouldn’t you feel much better about your own workforce if they too shared this attitude? Well, for the most part that’s a little above their pay grade. You’re the one who should be worrying as it’s your business. However, it’s every CEO’s dream to have employees around them that are in the fight with them, always looking to get better and take on any challenge. You can have this circle if you wish.

Help those who help themselves

There is something within all of us that gravitates toward those who help themselves. Employees that take the initiative, aren’t afraid to ask questions so they can understand the tasks at hand better, take on more work to help the team, are those that truly help themselves. Rather than looking for someone else to help them first, they will be confident in their own skills and abilities, and seek to make strides in the tasks they are set. If they know they lack a certain skill, they will take the time to learn what they need to in their own spare time. Employees who do this, will be like a magnet to managers and upper management. You can see that they are already serious about their role and their profession. If you can see workers like this in your own business, they are ripe for a promotion so they can work more closely with you and be more effective.

Hard to know the score

What if you have employees that are closely matched in skills? Well, logic dictates that you would have to methodically go through their professional profiles to see where one person has the advantage over another. Using a system like nps is definitely going to help you know the true score. This is a software and service that allows you to see who the best employees are through a scoring system. Maybe one employee is a 9/10 in computer skills but only a 5/10 in communication. Another employee might be 8/10 in their selected skill and 7/10 in teamwork. Sometimes crunching the numbers is the only way to make an educated choice for who deserves to be receiving a promotion.

Always keep track

Promotions should never be a wheel of fortune. Never promote someone just because you need someone to fill a void. Always keep track of every employee’s performance day in and day out. This will keep you closer to the progress and improvements that workers make so you’re more sure of yourself when it comes to promoting the select few.

It’s hard for business owners to gauge who they should promote to prominent roles within their business. You can’t be everywhere all at once so keeping track and scoring your employees’ activity, makes the picture clearer.


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