Parenting Will Change Your Life: But How And Why This Can Only Be A Positive Thing

When you find someone you want to spend your life with. The one person you consider having children with, the person that you know will complete you and help you on this journey of life. Making it fun, enjoyable, memorable and worthwhile. You know that you have found the one. But, from the moment you make that decision to have children, that you get that positive pregnancy test, your life changes. You become a parent, and parenting will change your life.

It may sound drastic. I know it does. But if you are already a parent, navigating the world on no sleep or feel stress and anxiety on different levels you will understand. It got me thinking about how parenting really does change your life. There is so much positivity from it, and so I wanted to share with you some of the ways it can improve your life and how it can only be a positive thing.

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It will have an impact on your finances

One of the biggest factors when it comes to your lifestyle when you become a parent is the financial impact it will have. Babies, children, even as they get older, for their whole lives, they will cost you money. Not that you resent it. The spend can be in many different ways. You have the impact on the shopping bill, and you have the impact on the housing costs. More electricity is used, more water and utilities. But you also have the fact that you may also need to make additional purchases. Such as a bigger house to accommodate, a bigger car or even activities you do outside of the home to help your children develop. Money makes the world go round, but it doesn’t bring you happiness. That is what your family does. While spending more money isn’t always going to be the best thing in your book, the spend is going towards keeping your family healthy and happy.

It will change you emotionally

When it comes to your emotions, there are going to be so many changes. The emotions you will feel can vary on the scale from complete happiness to feeling like your life is over as you know it. Again this sounds completely drastic, but it is exactly how you can be affected by your child and parenting duties. One minute you can be feeling complete joy, the next you might be struggling with your emotions and crying because you need some sleep. It can be the biggest roller coaster you embark on. However, it can change you extremely, and this is when you may need to get some help. You can help it if you suddenly feel more anxious than ever before. You won’t be able to help the emotions, the feelings of depression because you feel like you can’t cope. Postnatal depression for women and even men struggling with depression because of the birth of a child is extremely common. It may even be that you struggle with anger or resentment, and these are feelings that you may not understand. However, seeking help for anger management and also things like counselling for depression or dealing with anxiety is a positive thing. You start to handle your emotions much better. You will begin to feel more in control, and actually, the positive changes in you will have a positive impact on your family life. It may seem harsh to digest at first, but your emotions will change. But it is always a good idea to see the positive in this.

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It will have you feeling the love on a whole different level

There is no hiding from the fact that love is such a big emotion when you start a family, and no one can quite prepare you for it. The moment that you see your child in the flesh for the first time will have you feeling love beyond any level that you have experienced before, and it is certainly life-changing. This is the one emotion that will fuel you for the rest of your life. No matter what you are going through, no matter how tough life gets or how bad things are, the love you have for your family will soon overcome and outweigh anything else. The bond you have, it is the glue that sticks you together, and the rest of it is just physical attributions that you can ignore or deal with another time. We all have things going on in our lives, we will all have different lifestyles and things we do and want to achieve, but the love we have for our families is the one thing we all have in common.

Everything you will do will now be for your family

This might be an obvious point to make, but it is one to make nonetheless. Everything you do now, every choice you make, every decision you consider, everything you do will be for your family or have your family at the forefront of the decision process. Why? Because what you are doing will inadvertently affect them. This is a positive thing because now you may be more inclined to take the time to make decisions. Your career, for example, may be something you want to work on. But if you get annoyed at work, you can’t just quite the job anymore, because you have a family to provide for. You can’t just go for a promotion that will have you moving countries or location, because you have your family to think about. But while it may sound like it is restrictive, it isn’t. It just means that the decisions you make you need to think about others other than yourself, and this is such a positive change in your life. Who knows? It may even help you to make wiser and better choices for your future.

You will look at your partner in a completely different way

If you thought you couldn’t live your wife or partner any more than you do, think again. The moment they give birth to a child and become the mother of your child changes things and has you feeling a whole new world of emotions for this person in your life. You may have a newfound respect for what they have just been through. You may find that the love you have for them grows deeper, or a bond you thought was unreliable anyway gets that bit stronger. It is a strange one to describe, but you certainly feel much more united. You are bonded for life, you will forever be the parents of that child, and while you may have ups and downs, like any relationship, you will certainly handle things and appreciate your partner so much more.

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Your outlook on life may be completely different

You may have had a bit of a bad outlook on life in the past, or maybe you have always been a fairly positive individual, but your perspective certainly changes when you become a parent. In some cases, it is for the better. You start to look at things differently, approach things on a positive level. But, you also have to think about the flip side of it, and your outlook may get negative at times because the worry is more present because you have your family to think about. The one thing you do is keep moving forward, and your outlook might change from time to time, but your drive to keep on going, through the storms, the sunshine and the rainbows, because you do it for your family and for yourself. Which is actually a real positive corner to turn when it comes to your own self-care and wellbeing journey.

Your lifestyle might change for the better

There is no hiding from the fact that your approach to your lifestyle may drastically change when you become a parent. Before kids, you may have enjoyed nights out with friends and family, drinking a little too much or staying out a little too late. Burning the candle at both ends when it comes to your personal and working life. But as a parent, things can change dramatically. Your lifestyle will change because you are less likely to be doing those things, perhaps choosing to stay in, drink less and be more present. But your lifestyle might change regarding your health. For example, because you are thinking more about your family, you may decide to go on a health kick. Changing your diet and exercising more, for example. The lifestyle changes can really impact you when it comes to your health and also the things that you take enjoyment from on a day to day basis or on the weekends. It is such a positive change to make. Your life doesn’t stop when you have a baby, far from it. It begins in a different way. You will still have nights out, celebrate holidays and enjoy time with friends, but you will also take better care of yourself, spend time with the family and think about you and your unit first.

I hope that this encourages you to see the positives on how parenting will change your life.


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