Mummy Me Time! What About Daddy Me Time?

Now, before everyone on the Internet messages me about this I am in no way saying that mummies don’t deserve me time. Of course, they do! In fact, they probably deserve more than us, as they have to carry the baby during pregnancy, breastfeed, and otherwise go through a lot of gruelling stuff. However, what I am protesting at, albeit in the mildest way, is that you don’t see so many suggestions for what dads can do to get a bit of alone time these days. Luckily, I have rectified this, so if you are a dad indeed a bit of time alone, read on to get more info.


The Gym

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Could the gym be the perfect place for some me time for dads?


Many people love the idea of heading off to the gym for a bit of daddy me time for a number of reasons. The first is that it gives you a 1-2 hour window where you can focus solely on yourself. Something that can really help your mind get quiet and give you a chance to process your emotions as well.


Also, many people consume media during their workout whether its music from a streaming service, movies on their smartphones, or even their favourite podcasts. This may not sound like a lot, but when you spend most of your time in a house with little ones, any opportunity to not have to watch Peppa Pig on repeat is a welcome relief.


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Of course, the gym has another benefit too, and unless you try really hard not to do anything and spend all of your time in the smoothie bar, you are bound to improve your health and fitness as well. Something that can make the rest of your life goes a lot smoother and be a lot less stressful as well.




Golf is another activity that many men turn to when they want some alone time. In fact, it’s perfectly set up for that because you can choose whether to do a round on your own, with friends or even whether to head to the driving range and take some of that pent-up aggression out on a bucket of balls!


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One of the significant advantages of taking up golfing as a me time hobby is that gets you moving in a gentle way, and also ensures that you spend some time outside. Something that is essential if you want to get the right vitamin D levels to stay happy and healthy.

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Of course, the benefits above are not the only ones, because as you get more interested in this hobby, you can find other ways to work in some me time too. This may be by heading off on holidays like Teed Up offer that are focused entirely around golf, or just for a quick half at the 19th hole with friends. You may even find yourself getting involved in the running of the club itself!




Games are for kids right? Well not so much, especially when we are talking computer and console games. In fact, this is another activity that can work brilliantly for dads in need of some time to themselves.


Of course, you have a wide range to choose from, and the place to start is often the platform that suits you best. The main choices here are between mobile platforms such as smartphones, and devices like the PS Vita, full consoles, and PCs or laptops.


Now, if you are just beginning, then getting into gaming on your mobile can be a good choice. You may be surprised to see some old classic from your childhood that you can actually play in entirely on just your smartphone like Final Fantasy 7.



Of course, if you prefer the use of controller than a console would be a good choice. Although they can be anywhere up to £300 and don’t forget that the kids will probably end up using them too, something that can severely cut down your daddy me time!


This is also a risk you take if you invest in a mobile/console hybrid like the Nintendo switch. Yes, you can get some fantastic games like Zelda Breath of the Wild and Mario Kart, and yes, you can take in to use in the car when you are waiting to pick the little ones up from swim practice. However, you can be just about guaranteed that the kids will want a turn as soon as they appear!



Lastly, if you want a little corner of your home that you can cosy up and retreat into when you need some time to recharge, then investing in a decent PC might be the best choice. You can even get some inspiration on how to set up your battle station here, and what games to try out first that you are most likely to enjoy during you daddy me time.



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