Missing Motivation? How To Kickstart Your Fitness Journey For Good


Health and fitness is something that most of us either love or hate. There never seems to be much of a middle group. We’re either fitness fanatics or couch potatoes, and when you’re the latter, finding the motivation to become the former feels a lot like hard work! But, if you’re serious about getting in shape, you’re going to want to find yourself some motivation from somewhere. Because working out and eating right isn’t ever as painful as it feels like it will be. Not when you get good at it anyway. So let’s tackle the getting started part with sources to find the best kinds of motivation around.

Set Yourself A Target

So you want to get in shape? Well, what exactly does that shape look like to you? Is it a couple of pounds lighter, or even a few pounds (of muscle, of course) heavier? Regardless of what your ‘ideal’ shape looks like, you’re going to need to give yourself a target if you’re ever going to make it happen. Whether it’s a set weight, a time frame, or even a cutout from a magazine of the ideal body shape that you’re searching for, you need a target that can keep you motivated at moments when you really want to give up.

Search For Inspiration

Next, you’re then going to want to start looking for some inspiration. Although it would be incredible if some motivation just fell in our laps, that’s not likely to happen. Like anything worth having in life, you have to work for it. And that means going out there and getting the motivation you need. Thankfully for us all, tips on getting in shape are easy to find online. So get yourself searching for sources specific to your goals and go get that motivation.


Team Up With Your Wife

Maybe it’s because you’re having to do these things alone that you just can’t seem to get started – or stick to it when you do? Well, then why not do what you’d normally do when you’re troubled? Turn to your wife! By working together, you could keep each other motivated and on track to reaching your goals.

Or Get A Gym Buddy

If the idea of working out with your wife, or even talking to her about this, freaks you out a little. Don’t panic – chances are, you aren’t the only one! So, instead, you’re going to need to think about bagging yourself a gym buddy. Whether it’s your best friend or someone you met at your gym induction, this person needs to be able to hold you accountable to ensure that you show up and stay on track.

Hire An Expert (Or Two)

Of if you’re really struggling to find any kind of real motivation to make a difference, get help. By hiring a personal trainer, nutritionist, or even taking out an online coaching program, you might find it easier to not only get started, by also work your way towards the shape you really want to be in.


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