Make Moving Day a Breeze By Following These Five Steps

Moving house is an exciting time. After months of searching and planning you’ve finally sold your old house and found the home of your dreams, and you have a blank canvas that’s ready and waiting for you to start your new life in. But with moving also comes stress- the fees, the solicitors meetings and moving day itself are nothing short of a headache. Here are some of the ways you can at least make moving day a little less painful.

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Hire Movers

Moving yourself will save you money, but rarely is it worth the stress. Unless you have very few possessions or a lot of friends to help you, it’s usually better to just hire movers. Companies like Melbourne Cheap Suburb Removals can help to take the hard work out of moving, so all you need to do is box up your items. If it’s the packing side of things you hate, there are plenty of professional packing companies out there too. Moving house is expensive and you might be tempted to cut costs, however this is an important job. At least if you hire professionals, you know it’s going to be a job well done.

Prepare The New Place

If you’re lucky, you will have a ‘crossover’ where you have the keys to your new place before you have to be out of the old. If you do, take advantage of this time! Go in with friends and family and give the place a good scrub. If you plan on redecorating, now would be the perfect time when there’s no furniture to move around. Check things like lightbulbs and toilet tissue. Stock the cupboards with groceries and the bathroom with your toiletries and cleaning products.

Ask Family To Look After Children and Pets

Moving day is stressful and busy, chances are you want to power through and get everything done without distractions. Having children and pets to watch is stressful for you and also not nice for them either, since moving to a new place can be quite disorientating. Ask a family member to watch them for you, and then bring them round to the new place once you’re all set up. With kids, having their new bedroom setup with all of their things, and bringing them into a calm and relaxed environment will be far better for them. With pets, having them looked after keeps them safe and prevents them bolting from the door which is likely to be open all day while you move things.

Have an Emergency Stash

Having a bag on hand of things you might need on moving day is well worth packing. This could be things like important documents, phone chargers, money and a notebook with your to-do list and other important information stored. If you haven’t had chance to prepare the house before moving day and move some essentials over, some clean clothes, towels and toiletries will probably come in useful too.

Order a Takeaway

After a long, stressful and tiring day, the last thing you will probably feel like doing is cooking. Besides, all of your kitchen equipment is probably all boxed up! Make life easier and order yourself a takeaway so you can eat a hearty meal and get your strength up for all that unpacking yet to come.


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