Make Your Business Your Own: Why You Should Personalize Your Brand

Branding is one of the most important aspects of running a business. It’s essential that people remember your business’s name, the products you sell and other factors such as the type of business you are. For example, Apple is known to be innovators in the market and during his name, Steve Jobs was known as a charismatic CEO that spoke at his own keynotes instead of hiring someone else to do it. Although Apple was a huge company with a lot of reach, it was synonymous with Steve Jobs himself.


Apple is just one example of how a brand was personalized to a point that one key member of the company represented the company itself. This happens in other industries as well, but Steve Jobs is a shining example of how you can truly make your business your own.


But is it worth it? What are the advantages of brand personalization and should you bother with it? In this article, we’ll be discussing how you can make your business your own and why you should do it to grow your company.

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Building Professional Credibility


Would you trust a company you’ve never heard of? Likely not. Unless it was for something really simple or basic, there’s a high chance that you would not trust a business that you’ve never dealt with or that your friends have never mentioned to you.


Credibility is incredibly important in the world of business. Without it, you’re nothing because it shows that you haven’t built a customer base yet. It shows that you haven’t invested in your own brand and that fires off a few warning signals. Firstly, it will look like you don’t trust your own products or even your company. Secondly, if you’re not loyal to your business then what are the chances that you won’t be loyal to your customers? Lastly, credible businesses have an easier time growing because customers trust them and their services.


Build credibility by treating every customer with the respect and patience they deserve. Strive to build your credibility even if it means aiming for 5-star reviews or recommendations on social media. The idea is to get your name out there and to be loyal to your business so that it inspires your audience to put their faith in you.


Distinguishing Your Business


There are so many generic businesses out there today that it really takes a bit of effort to stand out from the crowd, and this is what personalization can do for your business. Setting yourself apart from the competition means that you will have your own voice and image. It means that you won’t be just another generic business and it means you’ll be more recognizable to your audience.


However, just looking different usually isn’t enough. How your customers interact with you, the choices you offer them and the type of support you give them with your products and services will help to distinguish you from the competition. Even something as simple as asking your staff to wear company lanyards in your store can help to set yourself apart. If you have their names and ID cards shown, then it adds a layer of professionalism that your customers can connect with. They’ll know the names of your staff and they’ll have an easier time interacting with them so they can get assistance with the products they want to buy or the services they need.


Another good way to set yourself apart is to shy away from the norm. You can use social media in different ways by hiring a community manager that is more in tune with your audience and understands how to connect with them in a friendly way. You could also distinguish yourself by offering impeccable customer service, which is something that a lot of businesses get wrong because they prefer the cheaper option of outsourcing their call centres and support services.

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Building the Right Office Culture


It’s not just your customers that should see your personalized brand–your employees need to see it too. Have you ever spoke to someone that works for an entirely different company to you? The office culture they experience is probably wildly different and there are likely some stark changes. For instance, it’s possible that their company doesn’t tolerate people personalizing their office spaces with their belongings and photographs, or maybe they use an open-plan office instead of cubicles. Some offices sport modern amenities such as a full kitchen range and a designated relaxation and hangout spot, and other workplaces won’t even have a water cooler.


There are so many varied workplaces that it’s important to focus on building the type of office culture that will work well with your business. For example, a creative business is usually assisted by a more open approach to work because it allows ideas from each individual employee to flow freely around the office. This boosts inspiration and motivation across the board and helps to keep the business’s creative juices flowing.


So to summarise, it’s important to build your own business culture. The way you treat your employees will have a resonating effect that will also affect your customers. Your approach to your workplace culture will also determine the type of workforce that you nurture which is an important factor to consider for future growth.


Some Final Words


Whether you’re running a physical store or an online business, it’s incredibly important to focus on building a personalized brand. There are many reasons to do so, as explained above, so it makes it worth the monetary and time investment required. No one wants to do business with a generic brand that has no life in it because they won’t feel invested in something that has no soul. It could be developing an interesting company culture or it could be sticking to a business slogan that you made when you first started the company. Either way, making your business your own is a fantastic way to set yourself apart and grow a company.


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