Low-Impact Exercises To Try In The New Year

A new year calls for a new attempt at a fitness regime, especially if you end up overindulging at Christmas. Rather than throwing yourself into a high-impact, gruelling series of workouts, why not start the new year off at a gentler pace? Ease into things with some low-impact exercises that will help you build your fitness up, and won’t put you off before you’ve even got the chance to get started.

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Take a look at some top recommendations for low-impact exercises to try in the new year.


Swimming is a great way to cool off during the hotter months, but it can also be a great calorie burner if you take the time to enjoy a proper swim. Swimming is particularly effective if you’re injured or have been out of the game for a while, meaning you can work on your fitness without worrying about the effect it could have on your body. Get used to the technique and build up your stamina before trying some swimming drills to help kick your workout up a notch.


Golf may seem like a retirement sport, but it’s actually a great way to get your fitness up. There’s a lot of walking involved, which is a fantastic way to increase your cardio endurance. It’s also the perfect excuse to enjoy some time in the sun and perhaps develop an enjoyable new hobby. There are some beautiful golf courses that are worth making a trip for, including the wonderful Cabramatta Golf Course which is a popular course to play. It’s not too late to ask for some golf gear for Christmas, so why not get kitted out to enjoy this amazing low-impact course?


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Yoga is a great exercise for people of all fitness abilities and ages. With yoga, you can take things at your own pace – with progress you can measure as you become more balanced and more flexible. Best of all, yoga is a good stress-reliever, so when work and other pressures start getting you down, you can use yoga as a way to ease tension. If you’re looking for family activities you can combine with exercise, this is an easy one to try.

Elliptical training

If you prefer to workout at the gym, then using an elliptical can be a good alternative to the treadmill. Elliptical machines can help you burn a lot of calories, without the intensity of going for a run or using a stationary bike. Many people dismiss the elliptical as an ‘easy’ workout, but if you’re just getting back into exercise – it’s a great way to get back into the swing of things. You can always try upping the intensity to get a good workout on the elliptical, so don’t feel like it’s a waste of your time to use it.

Exercise is important to keep you fit and healthy, especially when you’re running around after the kids! Start the new year as you mean to go on with some low-impact exercise that will help develop your fitness as a great foundation for the fitter, healthier you.


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