Leave A Little Happiness All Around The Home

It’s all too easy, when the nights are long cold and dark and the days are all too short and forbidding, to lapse into an unfathomable sadness, even if all is well with your life at present. Seasonal Affective Disorder can strike just about anyone, regardless of age, gender or personal circumstances. Indeed, if all is well with your life at the moment, it can exacerbate this feeling and lead to frustration and self reproach. If you’ve a history of anxiety and depression, a cold and unforgiving climate can exacerbate your condition even further, driving you to insular behaviors. You eschew the company of others and retreat inwards, only leaving your home if you have to. In these circumstances, it’s crucial that you make your home a sanctuary to help nurse you back to mental health, rather than becoming a place where you can let your sadness and anxieties grow and fester. Here we’ll get into some fun and creative ways in which you can leave a little happiness all around the home. But first…

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You should get out if you are able

Before we get into the specifics of how to inject some joy into your home, it’s important to discuss the benefit of getting outside if low mood should strike. Take yourself out for lunch or coffee with friends even if you really don’t feel up to company. You’d be amazed at the difference an hour spent with the right people can make. If you can’t deal with people take a walk in the park or woods. The act of walking and proximity to nature are both proven mood boosters.

If you really can’t get out, it’s vital that you ensure that the home is conducive to your recovery…  

Make some changes

It’s easy for the home to become a prison, especially when routine kicks in. Break the cycle of monotony by making some cosmetic changes. The act of decorating or rearranging furniture can be a real mood booster, as can the presence of something new. Have a look at Million Dollar Makeovers and find some inspiration to suit any budget. Even a lick of new paint or some simple feng shui can make a real difference since creativity is proven to improve wellbeing. If possible, incorporate natural materials such as wood, stone and cotton into your design concept as these are known to be conducive to wellbeing.

Inject some mood boosting colors

Believe it or not even the colors you use to paint your walls, adorn your furnishings or even add a splash of color with throws or cushions can make a contribution to your mental health. Vivid reds and purples can inspire creativity and alertness while blues can be a calming influence. Greens and yellows, however, are scientifically proven to promote feelings of happiness and wellbeing.

Plants, plants everywhere!

The humble house plant brings with it a range of health benefits. They reduce levels of carbon dioxide and airborne dust drastically improving your home’s air quality. They also reduce anxiety and stress and help to promote a sense of wellbeing. If you work from home, houseplants are also proven to boost your concentration and productivity.

Breathe in the good feelings

Finally, an oft overlooked contributor to your mental wellbeing is the use of scent around the home. Rather than buying pricey and environmentally destructive household scent sprays and diffusers making use of some essential oils can make a huge difference to your wellbeing without damaging the environment. Cedar and sandalwood can create a sense of warmth and cheer especially when infused with something sweet like lavender or vanilla.


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