The Key Elements of a Modern Marketing Plan

If you are already established in business, or will be getting started shortly, then marketing your business and products are going to have been on your mind. But in a modern world, where technology is ever changing, how can you make a plan for your business and the marketing that you want to do?


In short, you can’t. At least not a long-term plan anyway. Simply because things are changing and evolving, making a traditional annual marketing plan can’t be a good way to go. For instance, I doubt even four months ago that anyone knew about the new social platform Vero. But here it is, and it is looking like it is here to stay. So you need to keep up with the changes, and make yourself a modern-day marketing plan. Here are some of the things that a modern and digital marketing plan needs, in order to have real impact and to help your business to grow.


You Know Who You Are As A Business

In order to have success, and to execute your marketing plan well, you need to have a clear vision and goals as a business. If you are a business without a clear mission, goal, or drive, then it can leave your customers feeling confused without really knowing why, as well as coming across as quite cold and fake. So the vision of the business should come across in the marketing plan that you choose. When it feels authentic, it shows cohesion and is more likely to create more loyal customers.

You Assess Failures and Successes

Being able to learn from what hasn’t gone as well in the previous year or months, and then making a plan to learn from it is going to help the business to be bigger and better. So look at the success of last year, as well as the things that haven’t gone as well and think about the ways that you can improve on it. Tracking and analyzing are going to be a marketer’s new best friend.

You Make A Digital Plan

No modern day marketing plan is going to be complete without a digital aspect to it. The world’s online, so you need to be too. Not only that, but using it to your advantage is going to be key to getting growth and success. Digital marketing is more than simply being online. You have to use your presence online to help your business to grow and to reach more and more potential customers. If you’re not too sure about digital marketing, then you could always outsource to a marketing team like CandidSky’s digital marketing team, for instance. But you need to make it one of the priorities, as digital marketing is here to stay in the modern and technological world that we live in.

You Define Marketing Objectives

Now that you have thought about the vision and goals for the business, as well as analyzed previous performance, it is a good idea to set goals and objectives for yourself and the business. Think about the big goals that might not happen immediately but are what will get you to where you want to be. The big goals are the things that will lead to business expansion and more and more profit as time goes on. So having a plan for them is a no-brainer! Through this process, you can also think about the goals that you need for marketing success. At this stage, it isn’t even about choosing specific channels or actions for it to make it work. But rather, it is about looking at the success that you want to have and defining it. The rest of the plan will help you to get there.


You Understand Sales and Marketing

It is a great plan for any business to have the whole team on-board with the ideas. For smaller businesses, you may be doing a bit of everything. But when a business is more established, then you need to get the rest of the team to listen to the goals and plan. Having a stellar marketing plan isn’t going to be anywhere near as effective if others, particularly the sales team, don’t know what is going on or see the vision. So if you want to have a good marketing plan, knowing how the two work together is really key. So in many ways, talking and collaborating with the sales team is a good idea to help you to manage this part of the plan.

You Set Rules For the Marketing Channels

When a marketing plan can change every few months, you need to be able to measure how things are going. So having some guidelines or ‘rules’ is a good idea to help you measure success and how things have gone. For instance, can you use something like Google Analytics to measure keywords and click-throughs for your site? Can you measure search terms using this platform? With something like that in place, it allows you to check exactly how things are going, and you can monitor them as time goes on.

Once you have some checks in place, then you need to decide how often this is going to be reviewed. If you don’t set a goal to review, then over time, you can forget and let time lapse. So to monitor it and see how it is all going, decide on a time length for in between each review. You should also consider the reporting process and how things will be documented. What looks like success too? Defining the results that you want to see as a result of your marketing plan, is going to help you to grow and get bigger and better as a business.

So the key message is to keep on top of it all and keep making changes and reviewing your marketing plan as and when you need to. Review the changes and get the team involved with the plan and analysis. After all, a good marketing plan is only going to be good if the team behind it are all on-board and all understand it.


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