Keeping Your Family Organised To Help Yourself

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Being a parent comes with lots of challenges, one of the biggest ones are keeping your lives organised. It may seem like such a small thing for non-parents, but organising your family and keeping track of all the appointments, events and number of other things that come along can be quite difficult. Here are some suggestions for you to take control of the diary once again.


You’re going to be getting to know your local dentist and GP closer than you ever thought possible. The more kids you have, the more trips you are going to be taking to the local health facilities. Fortunately there are ways now, thanks to the rise of the digital age, to keep track of your family’s healthcare and appointments.

Applications like Hot Doc give you the opportunity to arrange appointments from your phone so the pain of remembering to call the local surgery for this, that and the third thing is gone. In fact, there are many similar types of apps that help you keep your medical records and appointments at easy reach rather than the previously difficult conversations with reception.

We’ve all used calendars to keep track of appointments, but using your phone to record any upcoming events will allow you to set alerts over a range of time periods and even colour code so that you can differentiate between which child or parent is due where.

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There is so much to organise when it comes to school that you’ll soon have papers coming out of your ears. Once again we are going to turn to technology to help get you through the difficult school terms. This time we are going to put a little bit of work at the fingertips of your children.

They are going to be given homework, and you can’t be expected to keep track of every piece of work that comes into the home. A lot of schools these days utilise technology for this reason so making sure you have access to the provided parent portals is important. But you should use homework as an opportunity to encourage your children to start organising themselves. Apps like Evernote will give them a platform to create a schedule and keep clear notes which will only serve to help them later in life.


Your life can be so busy organising the family that you might forget to take time for yourself. One of the most important things to remember when it comes to organising is that there is an end goal, and that should be to have some time to relax and process your own thoughts.

Running around after everyone in a world of chaos can only lead to problems for you further down the line, not least of all exhaustion. However, a well-structured house will make sure you get some time to yourself or with your partner to have some of that much needed you time.


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