Keeping Up With The Kids

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You knew that life would change when you became a parent. You were all prepped for no sleep, new stresses, and love like you wouldn’t believe. And, that preparation was enough for the first year or so. Then, your child went where you put them and relied on you for every little thing. As soon as the terrible twos hit, though, something terrible happened. Your child started walking, and your life hasn’t been the same since.

The trouble is that, in all those preparations, few of us realise how much energy children take. Most of the time, the neverending movement of your kids makes you dizzy. You try to keep up with them, you really do. But, more often than not, you end in an exhausted pile on the sofa. It’s all too much for a man of your age. You’re probably counting the days until they become inactive teens.

Joking! Obviously, we all want our kids to stay active. In an age where video games forever threaten this, getting worn out by your youngsters is a good thing for sure. It’s a sign that they’re doing what kids SHOULD do. They’re playing, having fun, and staying healthy in the process. The question is, how can you ever hope to keep up with them?

Train in your downtime

Getting fit is the first secret to keeping up with your children. That way, you could run around with them instead of hiding in the toilet. You would then be able to get stuck into the action instead of stepping out all the time. The trouble is that, if you throw yourself right into activities with kids, you’re never going to keep up. Despite your best efforts, you’ll soon be huffing mess who can’t keep going any longer. But, by making time for private exercise sessions, you can build your stamina at a pace which suits you. Don’t worry about not having time in your busy life, either. Simple things, like walking to work or even exercising for half an hour can help here. It may be tough at first, but you’ll soon find that you’re nowhere near as out of breath as you were. While you might not be able to reach the fitness of a five-year-old, this will prepare you for the next sporting session with your youngsters. So, stock up on a decent pair of training shoes from companies like The Athlete’s Foot in preparation. Then, set yourself a workout plan you can stick to.

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Change your diet

More often than not, diet plays a more significant part in our lack of energy than we think. That’s because the fatty and processed foods we reach for to give us energy boosts actually do the opposite. As we get older, we tend to rely on things like caffeine and sugar to keep us going. More often than not, though, these are the things which see us crashing much sooner than our kids. That’s because they provide short-term boosts of energy before leaving us drained. Instead, you should work at changing your diet for sustained energy levels. That will put you in much better stead for matching your child’s pace. Fresh foods are always best as they contain phytonutrients which help our health and energy. Equally, complex carbohydrates are amazing here. They’re fantastic for health, and they release energy over time. Have a baked potato for dinner and see how much longer you can keep going when playtime comes around. Consider, too, taking a multivitamin supplement. Low energy levels are often a result of our bodies needing nutrients. It can be challenging to keep on top of these, even with a change in diet. By taking a supplement, you ensure you get everything you need. That can then increase your energy. An hour playing with the kids will then soon seem like a walk in the park.

Cut out TV

For many of us, television is a sure way to reset after a hard day. Even if your kids want to play, you may put them off so that you can watch a favourite programme first. Yet, when the credits roll, you find that you can’t even bring yourself to stand up. That’s because, believe it or not, sitting in front of a screen has a surprising way of sapping our energy. As soon as you sit down, you’ll feel the full weight of the day, and will be more tired as a result. Television also sees us switching off, which can send us into a much sleepier state than we’d be in otherwise. That’s not to say, of course, that you can never relax in front of the box. But, you might want to play with your kids before you do. As much as you may be tired after work, getting stuck straight into another activity is your best bet at keeping up. As soon as you stop, though, you scupper you chances straight off the bat.

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Take the helm on activities

More often than not, we only get active with our kids at their request. They drag us off the sofa or beg us to head outside for a game. And, they tend to do it at that time in the afternoon when your eyes start to droop. Let’s face it; if you always spend time with your kids when they ask you to, you’re never going to be able to keep up. Instead, it may be worth turning this on its head. Rather than waiting for your children to suggest a sport or active game, take the helm yourself. That way, you can pick the game, and the time you play it. By selecting times of day when your energy levels are highest, you should be able to whip your kid’s butts. Or, at least not make a total fool of yourself.

It isn’t easy keeping up with your kids, but it’s not impossible either. Why not give these pointers a go and see how you get on?


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