How Your Business Fleet Can Be A Marketing Solution

Branding up a fleet is an effective way of getting your message out there. Image licensed under Creative Commons.


When you set out to build a business, one of the strongest assets you have is your brand. It’s what makes a statement about who you are and what you do, and it’s what will differentiate your start-up from the competition. And when you think of branding, you may think of billboards, radio and high profile advertising, but actually one of your best assets could be right in front of you – your business fleet. More than just a way to get from A to B, you should see your fleet as a fully mobile marketing tool, covering hundreds of miles and getting in front of thousands of eyes, generating more foot traffic to your business. Essentially, what could just be dead space on the side of a van or a ute, is actually a touring billboard. It’s your opportunity to present your brand and your key message. So don’t miss the opportunity to raise your profile and win new business. Here’s how to do it like a pro…


Go For Maximum Impact


When you are consider what approach to go for, consider that people may only see your fleet vehicles briefly, so your main concern should be creating maximum visual impact. So consider what graphics you can use to best support your message. Keep logos large and clear, stick to simple, concise messages and make sure any web addresses are as simple as possible.


Choose The Right Vehicle For The Job


Make the selection of the right vehicle for the specific working needs of your company a priority. There’s no worse message than a vehicle that isn’t fit for purpose, because if they publicly let your business down, or prove incapable of doing the job you need them for, it reflects poorly on you as a company. So do your research carefully before committing. Write down a list of jobs you need your fleet vehicles to do for you and make sure each of these specifications are matched before committing. Often with fleet vehicles, it’s a better idea to hire than purchase. That gives you flexibility to adapt your fleet to requirements as your business develops and many packages will include servicing, while you also get access to the latest vehicles. You may also not need company vehicles on a long term basis, but just need one for an event or exhibition. Use a trusted supplier such as to make sure you get the best deal.


Put Safety First


It’s also important to cultivate a culture of safe and courteous driving while in company vehicles. What you want to avoid is an accident occurring featuring a vehicle driving around covered in your company logo, or for people to witness discourteous or dangerous driving from someone representing your company. Find the best insurance policies and make sure all employees are fully briefed on what will and won’t be tolerated. You may also end up saving money on costly accident repairs and downtime if you encourage good driving behaviour. There are definitely a lot of pluses to getting your name around town, but only if it’s done in a positive way.



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