How To Tell Your Dentist Isn’t A Good One!

If there is one place that really no one wants to go, it’s to the dentist. Not only do we want to lie about the fact we haven’t flossed, we just don’t fancy the root canal on the way! The thing is, regardless of how much you don’t like going to the dentist, your dentist should be kind, patient, compassionate and helpful. They should be knowledgeable and calm and they should love what they do for a living. So, what do you do if your dentist is not any of these things?

If you’re dreading a trip to the dentist, it might be worth exploring why. Is it because of the office or the dentist? Do you notice that dental supplies are always low or dirty? Are the reception team rude or are they nice? All of these questions should tell you that your dentist isn’t the best one out there and you need to do what you can about that so that you can feel confident and comfortable when you go! Below, we’ve got some signs that your dentist isn’t the best.

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  1. It’s hurting. Okay, so you can expect some pain when you get your teeth sorted, but you shouldn’t be screaming the place down. In general, cleaning, filling and a simple exam really shouldn’t hurt. A routine cleaning shouldn’t hurt at all and the dentist you see should be more than capable of performing the basics without causing pain. If you’re in pain with every appointment, then it’s time to seek help elsewhere.
  2. It’s dirty. Any medical facility should be tidy, cleaned down and healthy to sit in every single day. You should never feel as if you have to scrape off the dirt when you see your dentist, and if you are dealing with a dentist that has squeaky, rusty chairs, dirty supplies, cobwebs on the lights and more, there are some issues.
  3. The cost is high. The dentist shouldn’t be costing you the same amount as a car and if yours is, you need to look around and see if you can find another dental expert. It’s so important that you aren’t worrying about inflated pricing, not when you can find excellence in another dentist at another place.
  4. Your dentist is far away. You shouldn’t be inconvenienced for a teeth appointment. You should be able to look for a new dentist closer to where you are living and you will be able to attend the dentist without traveling out of the area. Don’t be afraid to find one who will accommodate your whole family nearby, too.
  5. You don’t get an answer to your questions. If your dentist is shady or doesn’t answer you with a straight response, it’s important that you make it clear that you are going to leave their clinic if they cannot speak to you properly. Your choices matter and you should be able to get all of your queries answered when you need them to be. This is the making of a good dentist.
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