How To Strengthen Your Cybersecurity

We live in an age where the most likely place we will be robbed is online. According to a 2017 study, online fraud is one of the most common offences overall, exceeding the statistics on physical theft. If you operate an online business, or even if you are just a consumer, you will likely have financial and personal details online which you do not want to be stolen. Your card details, home address, and even passport number have all probably, at some point, been uploaded onto your internet browser. If you shop online, book plane tickets on airline websites or run your business online, you need to strengthen your cybersecurity.

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How Does Cybersecurity Fail?

Many people don’t know how cyber security works, and more importantly, how it fails. How can your details be stolen from you if and when you enter them into a website in order to buy a product? The truth is, hackers use coding and illegal software to easily get past weak passwords and access your online information, email accounts and more, in order to commit identity fraud. This means you will find that someone else has been using your card details to spend your money, pretending to be you. This crime affects thousands of people per year – and it could be you next.

How To Strengthen Your Cybersecurity

There are many ways to make your cybersecurity more foolproof for hackers and fraudsters. Here are just a few key ways of strengthening your cybersecurity!

Managed Cybersecurity Services

If you run a business which operates online, it is advisable to get professional help with your cyber security. A managed cybersecurity service is a business run by experts in hacking and online security, who can help oversee and protect your finances and the details of your customers. Making sure your customers’ details are safe is of paramount importance; an unsafe site will lead to a bad reputation for your business and can even land you in legal trouble.

 A Password Manager

No, this isn’t a guy you hire to make up passwords for you. A password manager is an online program which creates a safe password for you – usually a random collection of numbers, letters and symbols. These types of password help shore up against those trying to infiltrate your accounts due to their complexity. Password managers also store your information in an encrypted database which is much harder to access for fraudsters and hackers.

Updating Your Software

You might be resisting the latest software update on your phone – it usually reformats everything which can be very annoying – but it is helpful to update your software. Each time new software is developed for your phone or laptop, your device will be safer against any breaches of security, and hackers will find it more difficult to steal your information.

If you find yourself worrying increasingly about cybersecurity, take action today against those who jeopardise your privacy and finances. 


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