How To Cut Costs In Your Small Business

Small businesses have been some of the worst-hit establishments during the COVID-19 pandemic. Closures, lockdowns and reductions have been tough on small businesses who couldn’t as easily adapt to the changes, compared to large corporations like Amazon. Business owners everywhere have been extremely overwhelmed by the possibility of liquidation, and have tried everything to stay afloat. In short, it’s been a tough year, and the worst might not be over yet.

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So how can you cut costs in your small business without cutting on quality and good service? Here are a few tips on how to achieve cost-effective change without losing what makes your business unique.

Automated Software

Technology is advancing so quickly that it is fast becoming capable of performing tasks that humans would have originally had to perform. One of these pieces of technology is business computer software. An automated back office, for example, is a computer program which counts and records sales, trends and statistics, and supports the customer service side of your business too. This kind of job would usually have to be completed by an administrative assistant, but can now be done by accurate back office software which never slips up.

Reducing Products and Focusing On Quality

If you try to stock too many products all at high quality, the chances are your overheads will be huge. As a small business, it is much more productive and profitable to stock a smaller range and focus on the quality and design of those few products. If you try to do too much when the market is volatile, as it is right now, you will be biting off more than you can chew.

Similarly, if you run a food and drink business like a restaurant or bar, offering a reduced menu which concentrates on just your best-sellers will help focus on quality, without wasting ingredients and money when your customer flow is inevitably slower than usual.

Smart Advertising Costs Less

If you are currently paying advertisers to promote your brand, this is probably costing you an arm and a leg. Instead, try leveraging your social media accounts and SEO strategy to boost footfall without having to dish out cash to advertising companies. SEO, standing for Search Engine Optimisation, is a combination of keywords, backlinks and other search engine strategies which boosts your website to the top of the search list. Similarly, using free tools like Instagram and Facebook to target your customer base and promote your brand is much more lucrative than PPC adverts. You can help your brand thrive for free, with the right research and strategy.


Cutting costs doesn’t necessarily mean shooting yourself in the foot. As a small business, every little helps, and these helpful tips can slash your costs without making your business suffer. Start today and help your business endure the stormy times ahead.


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