How Getting the Right Office Space Can Help You Succeed

Quite a few household names started in their founders’ garages: Apple, Amazon, Google, HP, Disney and many more have all been there. 

But when your business has got too big to be home-based, how do you find the right space to help you succeed?


Consider the following factors

There are many considerations you need to make – it all depends on the type of company you’re running. But below, we’ve summarised a few of the things that are important for you to think about:first:

Location, location, location….

it’s so important we’ve said it three times; but it really is crucial – just think about whether you need, for example:

To be close to clients – is this a concern for you, or not? You’ll know the answer to this yourself. Do customers need to visit you – or does your business function completely online, for example? 

Most companies will need to consider clients’ ease of access, even if they only visit occasionally – so you’ll need to think about being easy to reach. 


To provide parking – it’s also good to think about provision of parking facilities and whether you’re close to any amenities you need. 

To give a particular first impression – if this is relevant to you and your business, the kind of impression your location makes could be really important.


You’ll need to find premises that are cost effective – but there is an important balance to be made here. If you choose the wrong location, it could severely affect your future success.  So you should also remember economies of scale – and carefully consider things from different angles.

This also applies to the accommodation itself – if it’s too cheap, it might not offer all the amenities you need.  And it should give you space to grow too – so think about these factors before you proceed.


Is wherever you’re looking at flexible enough to accommodate your company’s ongoing requirements? Businesses change and evolve all the time…

Check any lease agreement allows for this – and that you can reconfigure the space, whenever you need.

Once you’ve found your premises

So what happens once you’ve found your ideal premises – and you need to make sure things are set up just right?


Does the internal space work well, for example – have you got break out areas, meeting room spaces, how will the sound travel?

This is where office fit out companies can help – to get the space absolutely right from the start.  They’ll look at all your business requirements, including safety, and run through how it could work best for you. 

A whole range of factors will be considered  – based on what matters most to you – to identify solutions.  And they’ll even speak to your teams, if you want them to, if you’re more distant from day to day operations. Often your employees can provide the best insights on how things could function most effectively – and efficiently. 

It’s a cost-effective choice too – as any big mistakes in business can end up being really expensive..

In conclusion, we think getting the right office space really can help you succeed – so it’s really important to make the right choice.



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