Hitting Away Your Dad Troubles! The Health Benefits of Golf

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Sometimes if you are struggling to be a strong parent, you have got to incorporate some form of practice in your life that is just for you. As dads, when we get older, we start to realise what the allure really is with supposed “old fogey” sports like golf. But after all, most of the strong males we admire, from Sean Connery to Will Smith and Jack Nicholson, have long touted the benefits of being on the golf course. And if you are starting to feel the draw of the driving the 5-iron into the rough, there’s more to it than that. In fact, there are plenty of health benefits as well. Let’s show you some.

It Offers Social Interaction

There is a lot to be said for being on your own on the golf course, but there’s a lot of positive interaction in a setting like this. And besides, if you are someone who is feeling self-conscious due to the sports attire, you’re all in the same boat! Unfortunately, this is something that we cannot bypass. So it’s time to start thinking about golf headwear such as a sports cap, bucket hat, or flat cap. Besides if you don’t feel particularly suave dressed in golf gear, remember, Will Smith has got to do it too!

It Reduces Anxiety

Golf is a surprising gateway to better mental health. It’s not just about social interaction, but it’s the physical activity that can help reduce any feelings of stress or anxiety. When we are exercising, no matter how little it is, we are producing endorphins. And you may think that golf is not the most rigorous of exercises, but it can still help you feel better about yourself. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by life, getting a few holes in can help to reduce your stress and anxiety, gives you that all-important time away and allows you some quality me-time.

It Is a Form of Therapy

Golf has been used as a form of therapy for people with substance abuse or mental health problems. And even if you aren’t struggling with your mental health, it is a fantastic form of therapy. The slow pace of the game, in combination with the focus that you need to bring, gives you an almost meditative frame of mind. It becomes an addiction of sorts, especially when you hear about people like Bill Murray getting up before the sun to get a few holes in, but some people need something as an anchor in life. Golf is one of those things that isn’t physically taxing, but it is one of those quiet sports that allows you to calm down and remove all external stress. You may think that you are getting to the point where you want a bit of quiet time in your life, and golf certainly provides that. But if you are concerned you are becoming the stereotypical dad that likes to get a few holes down the golf course, you might be surprised as to how many other benefits it offers you.

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