Healthier Habits To Teach Your Family

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The inheritance you pass down to your children isn’t just financial. It’s not only a genetic legacy either- but the daily habits you teach them and show them in your own behaviour all count. Caring for your kids most definitely involves giving them the gift of healthy habits that will set them up for life – and in the process you can often get a little healthier yourself…


Eat A Rainbow Every Day


Teaching children about great nutritional and eating habits is a difficult and complex message in a world of appealing sugary treats, especially when they are young. Health can be too abstract a concept for young ears, so a great idea is to focus on eating a variety of different coloured fruits and vegetables each day. Each contains different essential nutrients and minerals, which you can explain to kids as a superpower. It then becomes fun to try and put more of them into your daily meals. You could also try adding vitamin powder to colourful smoothies. Play up the fun aspect while making sure their diet is rich in natural produce.


Always Eat Breakfast


Family mornings can be a rushed affair as parents struggle to get kids dressed, their teeth brushed and backpacks sorted while also trying to get ready for a day at work. Breakfast can then become rushed, but the importance of regular family meal times is huge- not only does it steer kids away from disordered eating patterns in later life, it discourages snacking, emphasises mindful eating and is an important bonding time where a family can come together and decompress, away from tablets and phones. Breakfast is key to set kids and adults up for a busy day ahead. studies have shown that those who skip a proper breakfast are four times as much at risk of obesity, so eating properly in the morning is something the whole family benefits from. Use it also as a chance to get kids focused on their intentions for the day ahead.


Have Fun With Physical Activities


Childhoods are becoming increasingly sedentary, and as parents we need to combat this worrying shift by normalising physical activity and making it fun. The key is to make it a part of everyday life – from a walk exploring the local nature reserve after school to playing a quick game of rounders in the park at the weekend or going swimming, aim to make it a part of each day. Loving sport is all about finding the right activity for you, so expose them to a big variety of taster sessions so they can find out what they love – and you may just find something you love as well.


Read Every Day


Reading gives so much to your child, from verbal skills to reasoning, empathy and an increased understanding of the world beyond their own horizons. Reading together is a great way to unwind and spend time together as well, so it’s a great idea to make a ritual of going to the library together to choose new stories for the week.



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