Having a return to work party

Now that the lockdown has been lifted, we can enjoy going back to work again. But for millions of people, going back to work is going to be nerve-wracking and even scary. So the best thing that bosses can do is, break the ice. Don’t forget that so many people have died and your own business may be part of the group that has lost employees of all levels. We’re going back to work, but this may be without our managers, co-workers and other friends who we once knew from work. The best thing to do is to have a return to a work party and use it to remind everyone why they love their job and company so much.

The venue

Should you book a venue or just use your work premises as the venue? Well, speak with someone like Tony Raunic who has been helping businesses prepare legal documents for their return to work. He can sort out the documents around compliance regarding COVID-19 prevention measures, personal protection for employees and lots of other things such as the number of people in one room, air circulation, etc. Someone like Tony has been doing this type of stuff for years, so you can figure out whether your offices will be fine or whether you need to book out a venue.


Classic party food

Hey, the summer is still here, so you can offer your employees classic party food! Ice cream, chips, pizza, fries and all kinds of classics, such as buffalo wings! These are the types of foods that you can make at home or just order out for your employees to enjoy while we get back to know each other again.

You should also focus on, keeping the party alcohol-free, as you want people to talk to each other and relax, not get liquored up and act as if they’re at a club. It will also stop people from making errors of judgement, such as getting too close to each other, hugging, kissing cheeks and forgetting to clean their hands, etc. 

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Lots of safety! 

You must be safety-oriented! Make sure that you have personal protective equipment such as masks and gloves, but also, some hand sanitizer for everyone to use at will. Make sure that you have tables for no more than 5-6 people and that they are spaced 2 meters apart. Turn your AC on and keep fresh air pumping into the room wherever you are. As long as the particles of the virus are not allowed to sit on any surface, you should be relatively safe. 

Talk with the crew

Once you’re sure that everyone is comfortable and making more than just small talk with each other, now you can have your return to work welcome message. Stand on a chair safely and speak to your workforce. Remind them that you care for them and want them to feel comfortable and that this party is all about them. Celebrate their hard work and will them forward to a new era!

A return to a work party is something that thousands of businesses will be doing. They don’t want their employees to stay at home forever, so let’s all buck these trends and get back to work.


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